This would be hot

Too pure for this world.

Guillotining a king would be ineffectual. It’s the god that needs to be killed. That is the symbolic parallel on earth though- killing a king. You kill a king with a guillotine, you kill a god with a certain arrangement of words.

Hermes is murdered in this one

These are just simulacra of what killing the actual god would be like.

You could say the Christian God was murdered. The weapon was secular propaganda.

Now we have a new god, who I try to murder.

All of his servants don’t like that.

Looking at that first book-cover, I’m realizing maybe this is for the “goths”. It’s not for the “wholesome”. The latter are ultimately servants too. They don’t understand the dark side, and if they do it’s cosmetic. Not many are so evil they’d think to attempt to murder god. These are “keeping up with the Joneses” types with some bells and whistles. These two types could also be said to correspond to above the ground and underground.

The original Goths believed in a Germanic paganism. Those gods would probably be perceived as ghouls these days.

Another fictional rendering titled The Deicide Files

A god is dead. But why? It’s my job to find out. I’m Detective Axiom, and I’m the premiere private eye in Pantheon City, the land of the gods.

Deicide is an ugly word, and it doesn’t happen every day. Out on the edge of reality, as far from the city as we can travel, a god was found murdered.

This genre gets close to the highest activity humanity is capable of.

Even if the god depicted in the fiction were Yahweh getting murdered, that would still only be a symbol of a symbol, and thus far removed from actually ending the life of the god of our political order.

As you read this, “Yahweh” is very much alive. Portraying his death in fiction while he’s alive would perhaps lead to his death. That would only be an image, not a reality. Yahwists would probably read it and smirk, knowing their god can’t be murdered. Yahweh rounds their life with sleep, that’s why they worship him. They support the enforced illusion I spoke of yesterday. In most cases it makes their own personal life more pleasant to have that illusion. They’d probably smile like a demon if they were reading such fiction, wanting to murder anyone who had the thought to murder their god.

This level of beauty is impossible

Something erotically evil.

If you’re visiting this site you’re probably not “pure” and “above” this. You simply refrain from actualizing this side of yourself.

I want to fuck someone evil like this.

Women are too enslaved to keeping up with the Joneses for that. Might as well be Catholic in their “proper” conduct.

Anyway, some interesting examples of deicide in media here. Like I said, none of the available fiction I see is direct enough. Still, it can put one in the mood to be direct.

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