I feel like I’m speaking to nothingness. No substantial subject there. Maybe that’s the real meaning of the sublime digital revolution, to talk on the internet until you realize there aren’t any humans there. Isn’t that a pleasant surprise. Humans aren’t allowed to exist in real life, and one would think some try to hide on the internet, and they’re not even there either. The tragic view of existence. There are only half-people on here. The aristocracy that is the academy doesn’t bother tarnishing itself with the internet, and that makes them half-people too. I’m only reporting this to you in a detached manner. There is only nothingness when you look too closely at humanity. Friends, love, and happiness about being recognized by society are in almost all cases the result of having some level of retardation. Here I am again, telling nothingness that it is nothingness- how futile that is. I imagine being a lawyer- those are honored in the eyes of the world. People are content with that. The farmer’s daughter blowup doll they get with it. I don’t think any of that is truly real. The internet was made to realize humans don’t exist anywhere.

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