How sad is it that happiness about their slavery is so ubiquitous I perceive approximately zero people as worth talking to? There’s a range of types no doubt, it’s just the best you can hope for is the kind that’s a partial slave, or one that fluctuates between happiness and unhappiness about their slavery. If it’s even a question at all, how could I see you as a person? That’s just a sad world, who wants to live in it besides the happy slaves? There are clear signs when someone is like this and it’s near-universal, if not universal. You need to have some low standards to want to be around people like that. It’s everywhere you look, besides that Elista forum, now that I think of it. There are some who actually did learn from implemented Marxism. It’s still too soon for the Americans to understand. There’s ultimately no difference between the mainstream and the fringe at the end of the day. Just because you’re at a lesser gradation of enslavement doesn’t mean you’re not a slave. There’s a diversity of people worth talking to, do you want the quarter slave or the total slave? You want the quarter coward or the total coward, the quarter whore or the total whore? Jee, so many choices.

I think my gripe is about what I’ll term the illusion of esotericism. It’s not that certain more refined souls live a “double-life” as much as it’s that they don’t have two distinct selves- it’s one self that fluctuates between happiness and unhappiness about its slavery. That fluctuation in my mind is proof there isn’t a person there. It’s only a dim, insubstantial quasi-self that wonders whether being a slave is good or bad. Still, this type is superior to what I yesterday referred to as the wraiths, who are proud slaves and actively seek to make the fluctuating selves embrace slavery. Art can never be as beautiful as a person, and a person who wonders if being a slave is good or bad can never be beautiful. You have to be either low or middlebrow to tolerate almost all of the people of today. Any higher standard beyond middlebrow and you’re going to be let down. People who call this pessimistic or the like can more or less 100% be expected to be one of the fluctuating slaves in denial. Work a field, nigger, stop visiting this site. This is the absolute state of things, and I doubt many, if ANY, can accept it. That was an illusion of mine for a while, that some had a “persona”- no, that’s just who they really are, they’re really just a slave, at the most fundamental level of their self. You can be mad when you read this or, imagine that, try to be less of an ugly slave.

Would you rather someone not talk to you this way? If so then you’re probably one of the ones I’m talking about. Infuriated that someone would consider their quarter slavery as evidence of their lack of humanity. Preferring to live in forgetfulness of that is intrinsic to the fluctuation. So I suppose that is who I’m speaking to now, the self that occasionally breathes before it returns back to happiness about its slavery. Hi.

Saying hi to a slave is like acknowledging a squirrel. That’s the norm in slaveworld- for all the slaves to recognize each other as equals who deserve to be acknowledged. If all this frustrates you then I’m sorry to inform you of my diagnosis.

I still remember when I was innocent and naive, still remember the exact moment when the state-religion was set on fire in my mind. There was something like Hell about it. I think many are still trying to reverse that, whereas I’ve embraced it and taken it to its ultimate conclusion. Do you know what that conclusion is? Not many human beings exist, and the ones that do fluctuate between being human and not.

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