Returning to Bloom’s favorite study of Virgil

the anger of Juno, which is close to being the central theme of the Aeneid, is in her heart and in her blood

Most days I like to learn about the gods, the goddesses, God. Note how the above, written close to the year 1, is distinguished from the New Testament. Who needs “feminism” when half your religion’s pantheon is goddesses? Reactionaries should be able to admit that the excesses we see today stem from the excesses of Christianity. Mary wasn’t enough!

This is a simplistic though not an entirely misleading chart

Some might add Persephone, Dionysus, and Hercules and a few others to this, this is the core though. Mary is only Juno, Venus, and Vesta, approximately. The other goddesses weren’t really part of the modern west, and that might explain feminism today. We’re in a dialectical backlash now where “the Mary goddesses” are seen as devils.

You might think that trying to integrate the fragmented self in this way is akin to Tarot or something like that. No, civilized peoples believed in these gods and goddesses for centuries. You can’t say that about even the more elaborate and scientific systems of occultism like Carl Jung’s.

Mary is the Hera/Juno of Christianity, and even then she’s altogether Other from them- only a vague parallel can be made. Let’s turn to another Roman

Seneca’s tragedies are now regularly seen as epilogues to the Aeneid, as stories in which the anger of Juno, infecting the hero, is endlessly reenacted.

This, regarding his Hercules play, is amusing

Juno sees in his superhuman achievements not virtue but arrogance

Do you ever feel like Juno?

All you got for centuries was Mary, that doesn’t seem fair. Then again, without at least someone like her, civilization is destroyed.

I just have to post this alright

Eumenides, aka the Furies one might recall from the Oresteia.

There’s a double-image I can see in my own personal case here. If you try to take up a Herculean task, namely, challenging the existing “pantheon” of the present, they will find a way to punish you with their fury.

Hermes the god of merchants, and Aphrodite the goddess of lust, are the most honored in our political order – who wouldn’t challenge that? Oh right, the cowards who don’t know the old north OR the old south. They’re still vibing with Jesus as the only god. Jesus who is at the mercy of Hermes and Aphrodite, which is actually Yahweh the materialist who sees Mary as intrinsically a whore. Thanks, I prefer Dionysus and Odin. Partly because I believe in the Athena self-fragment who doesn’t really exist today. The post-Mary movement only likes to believe it’s Athena. That is a laugh!

Ahh I forgot about that one- the goddess of discord, Eris. Juno summons her too in the Aeneid.

Who else talks to you like this, honestly? And they don’t let people like me in the academy or media or anything. They prefer it that way, they perceive Herculean efforts as arrogant. “He’s making me see the virtue in Mary – devil!”


Vergil used divine forces such as Juno or the Furies “to symbolize what we regard as natural psychological processes”

As slaves of the state themselves they naturally take offense when someone is not like them.

“Juno” resorts only to the most desperate strategies against her enemies. “Haha you don’t fuck!” I don’t want to fuck a slave of the state, is that all you got? To be fair though, that’s just natural for women to be slaves of the state. They have the resemblance of Hestia in that sense, the goddess of stability. Without the state we lapse into chaos.

I was actually reading this stuff about Juno the other day and didn’t post it because I know that the “witch” types will see it and be like “That’s my hero!” I don’t want to give them weapons, and yet here we are. Great, now feminism has its own historical goddess. Why can’t you just take Athena instead. That’s arguably the most important self-fragment that Mary was missing. Unfortunately, the modern-day Juno only knows her fury, and does not care about wisdom, only her revenge against men.

I think it all stems most fundamentally from questioning the equality of Zeus and Hera in the pantheon. The standard, expected belief is that they are equal, and anyone who questions that volunteers to be a target of the wrath of all the different self-fragment goddesses. Society is in disarray, I’m at least going to question it, even if it’s a thought-experiment- sorry if you’re too emotional to handle that.

Back to the Aeneid– what a dream this would be

Juno cannot be written off as a minor aberrancy in an otherwise perfect universe and demonstrates that she is the central figure in the poem’s structure, but he is nevertheless satisfied with her reconciliation with Jupiter and to Fate.

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