It’s a good sign I’m reading this in a book titled Byzantine Philosophy

I know next to nothing about the Byzantine Empire (330 – 1453) – over a thousand years they must have thought of something interesting? Even if there was like an Anselm type from that era it would be worth knowing about. This book claims it’s an unknown field.

A few of these subjects do look interesting

As dogmatic and superstitious as the old Christians were, at least they cared about this kind of stuff.

There must be someone worth finding among these writers

They certainly had access to most of the major ancient texts we still have, and the continuity of the Greek language, of course, made it possible for them to study the ancients in the original.

Do you like how I live in a bubble away from you retards? Reminds me of the time my friend in high school said he holds his breath when his cousin with down syndrome is near. I saw this on a newspaper the other day – there’s only so much you can beautify this creature

You a monkey yourself now, and I see you like I see the one above. Ape! You must not have considered beautifying your own behavior?

Not even half a year into possibly eight with Biden, who knows how depraved you can get in that time? Make sure no one’s there to remind you about this. Flav-or FLAV! Instead of a big clock around your neck you’ll probably be wearing a big black cock on a necklace to demonstrate your solidarity with the brothas. The true sign of the fall of the US when that happens. We’re already there symbolically. Wow, maybe you are that down syndrome cousin people don’t want to breathe around?

You identify with that monkey on the newspaper, it’s really all about you. You want people to feel sorry for you. I don’t feel sorry for you, I want you to study and git gud.

I just learned of a certain Michael Psellos for instance who is said to be the central figure of Byzantine philosophy. What level of reality are you really at? Are you that far from the farm? I have a hunch they’re not going to be mentioning what Psellos talks about in the newspaper. Being part of the demos means being one with popular politics. Are you in that collective movement of people who want others to feel sorry for them? I feel sorry that you’ve never experienced the happiness of bringing me dinner. Or cooking together with someone who doesn’t sugarcoat everything to you. If you’re one with popular politics you’re very likely going to be one with popular conversation too. That pertains to aesthetics, religion, psychology, the list goes on. You’re just at the lowbrow philistine level of reality in most realms of life. You might think you’re not cut out for that, and the reality is that it depends who you’re around. If you’re only ever around other political vulgarians then that’s the self that will always be brought out in you.

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