You know how I often bring up Alfarabi as the one who knows everything? We’re still in an order where people can’t understand him. Could you try to give me a moment to explain what he is about? It’s beyond humanity.

Have you ever tried to clasp your hands and pray? That’s the only way most people can understand Alfarabi. The Greeks, the Italian Renaissance, the German enlightenment- the Islamic Golden Age can be said in the same breath as that, and no one really knows the core of Alfarabi. I’m doing a dance for a “diverse” cause right now- no, there is a way of thinking he has that precedes the diversity religion.

Could you even endure it if you heard it? I’m not sure you could.

You’re at the negro point of the cycle, no one who can ever talk with you. If you want to understand this Medieval Muslim though, there are two variations of making distinctions between the low and high on the material plane, and low and high on the spiritual plane. You’ll be playing basketball in the future. Only certain people understand what it’s like to watch a basketball game.

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