Definitely not with me- not someone who wants to know more about the following

Constantinople in the mid-twelfth century saw the composition of the first sustained fictional narratives in the European world – novels – since late antiquity.

Only four survive. This is news to me! They don’t teach us about the Byzantines. They’re about as obscure as the fact you want a Nazi to “breed” you. Okay I’ll stop. Those pictures gave me a good laugh earlier so I thought I’d share them.

The novel genre has had a special place to me ever since I was a kid reading Animorphs and the like. Surprisingly, they are more memorable to me than the video games I played during that time. I might quibble with Badiou and question whether theatre is more truth-conveying than the novel. Without a doubt a novel > a movie, and you can extrapolate from there. “You can’t post about the novel after posting those pictures..” The books in question, coincidentally, are erotic romances, which might sound odd given they’re from the middle ages. I know where most people’s minds’ natural state is, and it’s not “caring about the history of the novel”. They have to force their animal nature to care about something like that. If you want to be a good “pet” then you will care about that. You already know that I’d put you in a literal leash and collar if we weren’t separated from each other digitally. That’s a good pet, full of sperm and reading a good book. The only thing that would stop you from consooming garbage like a possum is discipline, and you know it.

Honestly it’s a coincidence that this is what these 11th century novels are about

Dosikles laments the disaster that has overtaken him and his beloved Rhodanthe in their flight to evade parental opposition to their marriage.

That’s what was important in life in those days, that’s what they wrote about?

The “parents of society” only want you with a cog.

Nothing timeless about these at all

he had resolved to abduct her, which he did successfully with the aid of friends, whereupon he and Rhodanthe had fled in Stratokles’ ship.

Nah, this is just fantasy. I think women care more about keeping up with the Joneses than anything else. They don’t care that it’s ultimately fraudworld, appearances are enough and more than enough for them. “Abduct me or shut up.” I shouldn’t need to, it’s a free world. Free until you’re wearing a collar at least.

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