I try to bring people back from the dead. I’m not going to apologize for bringing up so many “names”. This is a pantheon to me. Of course I can’t believe in Apollo. Instead I believe in these kinds of people, and each of their names represents something special and beyond ordinary humanity. In this book on Pound and the occult Yeats is brought up in the beginning- another friend of his. This is how that subject was perceived in 1975

the time has passed when it was necessary, in order to preserve intellectual respectability, to express either astonishment or dismay at the nature of Yeats’s intellectual pursuits

This is quoted in a book from 1992. In 1993 a book on the occultism of Pound and Yeats was published also. These are two of the greatest poets of the 20th century and they had ~reactionary~ (whatever that means) leanings so after the major prog wave that occurred in the mid 90s early 00s one can’t expect much objective scholarship on them. Land is the perfect living representation of this- if you jive with the basic ethos of both the CCRU and NRx then you won’t be allergic to these two poets. This is a form of elitology in my opinion. They want you to believe that both occultism and rightism are backwards, when it’s more that they’re not middling, bourgeois. As the great phenomenologist of mysticism Rudolf Otto put it, unless you’ve had the experience yourself you’ll never understand. Yeats, during his membership with the Golden Dawn, very likely accessed realms of consciousness that make the ordinary egoic one we’re living in now seem paltry and false.

Pretend you’re living in ancient Rome and someone tells you Ovid was exiled and you should read his poetry–if you read it at all–according to the norms enforced by Augustus. That’s what we’re up against with these two modern poets. Artists and philosophers should be politicians, not be told what to do by politicians.

I seek to hyperstition a friendship like this into existence

Pound initially sought out Yeats as much for his mystical themes as for his technical masterfulness.

Both attuned to the divinities and eloquent enough to express what they experience. It’s rare. And both wanted a Caesar to carry out their insight. It’s Aristotle-Alexander redivivus. People who talk like this they keep out of print and off the internet. Probably because they know that their head would be chopped off if they didn’t do that.

Remember this theme from his friend’s book Finnegans Wake?

The Cantos as palingenesis. It is argued here that The Cantos are intended to be read as are the Hermetic writings on rebirth.

To even write about all this you have to be so outside the bounds of society it makes me laugh. “Yes, they want you to die.” Without the internet it wouldn’t be possible at all. Similar to Trump being an “alt-lite” type who had supporters much more nuanced than him, it’s the same with Mussolini. They only want that image in your mind of his face representing tyranny. There were great minds during that time who saw him as an imperfect, demotic expression of the best politics possible in this fallen world. Read some of these poets yourself to find out, without caring what the modern world thinks of your interpretation.

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