What’s most interesting to me is the “political occultism” of today. I can never know how exotericists think, because if they told me, that would ruin their “role”. Their act. No one sees life as a stage as much as I do. The tragedy of the grifter who went too far. So many of these types of people could be made into dramas, and doing that would ruin “the act”. I myself know how to separate reality from art, and thus I speak the way I do. I’m not one of your “actors in the troupe”. It’s all such a lived tragedy to watch the actors and actresses. Which reminds me- the way we can see Diversity as anthropomorphic we can also make Hollywood itself that way, a tragic character, a Type of person who is part of a drama. The academy, the news, the demos, these all can be represented as characters. I remind you once again that there is a distinct difference between theorists and artists, and I appeal to the other side of humanity which is foreign to me as a theorist. The instinct for appearance isn’t intrinsically derogatory in the way I tend to frame it, I simply “hate the people” and that is a fault of mine I admit. If you love the people then it’s possible to be an expert on appearances and help them through portraying their disavowed “ideas” anthropomorphically. A VR video game where Diversity is portrayed as a cross-eyed hunchback, I dunno, I’m not an artist. You have to be somewhat close to the people to know how to speak to them in the right way. I’ve found that there really is no stage and people are often those cross-eyed hunchbacks themselves. How could you expect them to create a higher-reality parody of themselves? All this to say, the “exotericist” is a mysterious sort of being to me. I can never know the secret workings of your mind. Because part of your act is that you never admit you’re creating a “play”. Are you on the stage or are you a director? I think oftentimes you are more on the stage being directed. Jews have centuries and centuries of hate against us that they don’t admit, and that shapes their directing. You’re mad that someone proved Judaism wrong. We created science and the first world, and you want to get revenge because Judaism was supposed to do that. No, we’re throwing trillions at your Sp.Ed.-kid affirmative action badge of honor in the desert there, whatever you want to call it, “Israel”. We have to jog in place for the neanderthal israelites to catch up. Whites have forgotten that they are neanderthals, that’s the meaning of the decline of the west. The post-christian philosophy was beyond them so they tempted the anglow-in-the-darks with gold and they decided to return everyone to a pre-german subhuman existence. I look at public figures today and it’s just people on a stage, that isn’t really them. They try to show that they’re so close to the rabble. Pretend you’re in a Philosophy of Religion course and you were told to write a 25 page essay on why you think Christianity and science followed Judaism. What would you say? You can’t say it. Thus you act.

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