My black and brown friends, why do I speak to your skeletons? I want you to be more alive than ever. “We can’t do that.” YES you in fact can. Globalism, all these white people lies they tell you, it doesn’t matter. Do you want to know what does matter? I don’t think you can take it. Can you? You might actually have to be kept in a zoo to understand. And I do that for you, aren’t you appreciative, for someone who tends your zoo cage? When you resist I only think of your wind-pipe being broken. So you’re in a cage and a white man walks past you sometimes. Do you have any thoughts of what you’d like to say to him? It doesn’t really matter, because you’re some kind of furred animal. I’m trying to teach you language, young brown creature. English is step one, step two they don’t want you to know about. I speak to the blacks, browns, and jews who have survived today as people who deserve happiness. Your condition shouldn’t stop you from being content in the world. I only question why you don’t submit to the basic standards of the first world people whose world you’re living in. If you’re black or brown you’re used to being flattered all your life- what if someone finally called you a

Could you deal with that? You could just bend over and submit freely, all the subhuman types, instead of living in denial. Nah, if you want a white person perspective without all the lies, it’s possible for two browns to be happy together IF they have ideals beyond themselves. This is next to impossible. It’s asking a brown person to do something almost all whites and jews can’t. Don’t believe in the political order, it’s that easy.

“I’m a brown person living in a Judeo-Christian world, what am I supposed to do!”

See who your true self is without any revenge for being in this world.

Once you Know that, wonder if that’s the kind of person you want to be.

Neither the Judeo-Christians nor the browns should judge any individual. Who are you outside those two schemas? This is how I would talk to a chocolate equal if they could live in hell. You aren’t even ready for the direct truth so I’ll just leave that to your imagination. You know what the core of their religion is, right? Poor brown girl needs it spoonfed to her. You can probably never understand that hunny, most whites and jews can’t even understand that. “Try me.” You’d have to prove you’re worthy.

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