Pre-Christian Europe

Pagan mystery religions one might call them. Is that too far out for you to consider seriously? Well that’s what I’m waving my arms about on my soapbox today. One study of the Cantos I quoted yesterday is titled A Light from Eleusis for instance. See my old post on the Eleusinian Mysteries.

This is a dangerous man

This is a theme throughout the Cantos. Something disheartening about talking about this to Usura’s servants.

Pound is similar to me in believing in “the Gods”, particularly as they’re portrayed in Ovid. If you meditate too much on some of the ancient poets then people today aren’t going to be very happy about your politics. And like I’ve said, the Greek tragedians are better than anything I’ve seen from hollywood. Here I stand and I can do no other. Have you been initiated into the mysteries of Eleusis? All the books are available for free online. “I want people to be happy with my politics.” You’re missing out on true aesthetic splendor then, nothing wrong with that, it’s okay to be a pleb, swine. Binge-watching shows, which is the norm, has an opiate-effect few like to admit. The ancients tend to get one’s gears turning.

Pound said 95% of your contemporaries will not understand a word about what you say regarding the mysteries

There are more polite ways of saying “niggerworld” I suppose. Not any more direct ways unfortunately.


He seems to believe that modern man has lost the ability or insight needed to absorb and comprehend the gnosis

He says the mysteries will never be legal. Thus the 5% that can understand will stay away from them. He says he knows someone who met Artemis. This can happen to certain people. Whether you want to talk about it mythologically or not. Having a direct experience of the “elementals”. Your mind is attuned to that wave and you have to live in that order where it’s illegal for your mind to be so attuned. Pound considered himself to be one who had met “Artemis” and he wrote the Cantos for others who have, and for those who haven’t- it was also his attempt to introduce people to Artemis.

A synthesis for my uneasy Christian readers

I doubt,… whether you can attain a living Catholicism save after a greek pagan revival

I’d tweak Nietzsche and say it’s Zeus and not Dionysus who is the most important Greek god to understand. His over-reaction to the Protestant God probably kept him away from that clarity.

Remember, we’re just trying to get a bird’s-eye-view of the Cantos for now. Scholars speak of this epic in the same breath as the better known ones, and the political stigma around this poet is probably evidence that he was all too effective in introducing people to Artemis.

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