I’m surprised I’ve virtually never heard about him from the reactosphere over the years

Pound’s Cantos are a manual for Fascists albeit borne of a fascism fundamentally Confucian in nature.

You do know Eustace Mullins, right? I hope you do. He’s the one I’d have liked to have written a book on the Cantos and unfortunately he only wrote a biography on Pound. I guess I’ll mine that given who Mullins IS.

Untimely – something “muhaha” about this statement

The Cantos are an announcement that the artist has moved into a new phase, beyond the reach of aristocrats, salons, government bureaus, or any such agencies.

He told Yeats it’s structured like a Bach Fugue.

Why read anyone who doesn’t provoke this reaction?

You ever stop for a moment and consider that I’m right about most things and that you are in fact a brainless ant? Some aren’t like that of course, they live outside of democracy with me. Trump really lucked out, at least he’s not being scapegoated anymore. It’s only continued for me. Heh his “Straussian tweets”, you aren’t ready for that conversation. Laugh if you want, I seriously believe he was the last vestige of high culture America is going to get, the last gasp. It’s only mud, and mud, and mud from here on out. Appreciation of an epic that’s structured like a Bach Fugue is not something you’re going to be seeing in the future. I sense a certain demographic is irritated when I detail certain classics and thinkers because they want me to be abysmally racist and sexist and violent. The reason I am those things is because I value things like the Cantos. Too many reactionaries forget that’s the point of the “hate”. It’s because you love other things. Or at least you’re supposed to.

Here’s what Pound talked about with his visitors after he was thrown in the loony bin, relatable honestly

Need a vacation where I actually talk face to face with people about this stuff, it’s been years. Lucky lucky Trump for getting out of this. The conspiracy of low culture that never admits what it is or what it does. Be proud if you’re part of that you ugly thing.

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