Eliot edited a volume on Pounds essays on literary criticism which he said aimed at the revitalization and the making new of literature and Pound puts into question Bloom’s “canonical canon” from the outset

Pay no attention to the criticism of men who have never themselves written a notable work.

Eliot put this volume together in the 1950s so obviously he wasn’t holding his fascist broadcasts against him.

I’m approaching it with the question “Do you have any suggestions on something good to read?” If anyone knows about the best Atlantean literature it’s him. We’re all so naive to believe our elders have told us what the best lit is, that we know already. They could just be perpetuating a dimension of their self that is switched off for political reasons.

Want to know something funny? Remember that meme, “Read another fucking book” regarding people who understand politics through the Harry Potter series? I think these people were merely shamed into being quiet about HP. They still think that way, they just don’t directly mention it anymore. This is why I often talk about literature, because they still need to read other stuff to get new perspectives on things- I try to make various books sound appealing enough to read. People in their 30s who exist mentally in the HP universe because that’s the “profoundest” prose they’ve ever read. This is a clear example of someone who I don’t recognize as being a person. What’s the most profound book you ever read? 1, 2, 3, GO! I can only expect many pitiful answers to that question. I’m not even exaggerating when I say that a good portion of the left probably cares about the Palestinian cause because they see the Israelis as Malfoy calling them mudbloods. They’re anti-Israel for all the most pathetic reasons. It’s just “BLM overseas” to them. In other words, on the surface it might look like they’re departing from the state religion when the reality is they only interpret the Israelis as evil Nazis. You are a slave, I’m going to purchase some acres just so you have a field to work in and finally know your rightful place in life. “I have wifi, that means I’m not a nigger!” No, it really doesn’t. What’s even sadder to me is the way none can never act with any independence. They always act collectively. It’s “in fashion” to be opposed to Zionism at the moment. You’re a brainless nigger, go have some watermelon. Ahahaha this is exactly how some Jewish elites in the US think of goyim and I’m only articulating it directly. No point in talking about great books with you, this is mostly only for myself. “OMG it’s Malfoy talking to me right now.” That, Spongebob, Shrek, they know nothing else. Do you trust these people to procreate? What a curse to be that child. Shrek is admittedly one of the best cartoons ever, I doubt you’ll appreciate it without knowing Beowulf. Sometimes I feel like the last gasp myself of the millennials before they lapse into pure Baboonization. I gradually lose more hope everyday, that seems inevitable. Fiona, you could’ve given me hope, and you’ve only given me the opposite. Slave fate for you. Lord Farquaad is in your future, if not your present. I’m probably speaking more directly to people with these references than I ever have before. The Sartrean concept of freedom is excessive and you’re only going to suffer over time if you don’t balance yourself. “Don’t make fun of me, help me grow up.” I already told you, if you want to attack the problem at its root then read people like Choinski, Shmakov, Lutostansky, and make an anon account and muse on them, find some friends who are similar. This is a fantasy of course. The slave fate, the dumb pig fate, has already been chosen. You’ve been diagnosed as hopeless, as possessing irremediably farmer tastes. You are a Palestinian in the US, there are only so many ways of telling you that. You are perceived as a subhuman and in their eyes it doesn’t matter if they make you even more subhuman. I’ve witnessed this in real-time over the last couple years. You have no idea how far culture can descend. We’re not even at the worst it can get to, believe it or not. The memory of Trump is still present, he was an attempt, however feeble, to prevent that descent. As that continues to fade, the crudeness of the third world will be exalted more and more. I doubt even the best will escape that. Because if you don’t play ball that means you don’t even get any meager scraps. You better play ball or you’re getting a fat trailer park wife. You better play ball or you’ll be forced to be a robot prole. You merge with the third world. We’re already half way to that. For my generation it began with MTV I’d have to say. All the ass-shaking of the coonesses. That made kids into apes, or into accepting ape culture, which is close to the same thing. You never had much of a chance, you are Hermione the magical girlboss who’s smarter than all the boys after all even though she’s a mudblood. Congratulations, you failed out of this class, because you have no class.

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