This approach is from the mid 1800s, and people today still need to catch up

[Jacob Burckhardt was] one of the first historians to take ‘culture’ as his subject rather than the triumphs and travails of kings and generals

Ah, those Ostjuden who were so filthy when they bumped into each other they stuck together. A cultural history of the 20th and 21st centuries hasn’t been written. It wouldn’t be inaccurate to deem Burckhardt an aristocratic historian. If you want to learn about the ancient Greeks or the Renaissance without any prog filters he’s your guy. I’m reading this laughable introduction from the 90s to one of his lesser-known works right now and, just skip those. They’re written from the perspective of “the triumphs of kings”. He’s an old theorist of leveling who only had hateful things to say about the Revolutions of 1848, which he lived through himself. It shouldn’t be controversial to say that we have lived through a leveling. That should be formally established as a known fact so that we are more prone to tease out its implications. People are coonier than they were in, say, 2000. What does this mean? The stereotype of “McAmerica” is not accurate anymore because that pointed to vulgar white culture- it’s worse than that now because we’ve embraced third world admixtures. Kentucky Fried America might be more appropriate? You a nigga. McAmerica makes this America look like paradise. “Prolegarity” is one thing- over the years they’ve convinced the proles to descend further and accept the less-than-prole culture of the third world. Are you with a Lord Farquaad, poor Peggy Sue? That’s because they’ve brainwashed everyone into seeing those who honor high culture as ogres. I ought to speak in pop cult references more since it’s the only thing people tend to understand. You know that theme in romance movies where the guy is with the wrong girl who’s off in certain ways and the female protagonist tries to break them apart? All girls are the wrong girl these days. That’s just what you accept. They’re all “feds”. They’re all in cahoots with the America that is worse than McAmerica.

Anyway, Burckhardt was a teacher of Nietzsche’s and the latter probably picked up the contempt for the herd in part from him – and that’s how the former reads history, presupposing that. I didn’t know these had been published!

‘The old culture of Europe’ – that is the subject of these lecture notes. To Burckhardt this culture was not static, not merely the culture of the museum: to him art and literature were merely the deposit, the expression, the witness of a living spirit.

He’s sometimes shipped with his contemporary Tocqueville, to give you some idea of his character. I actually just now remembered Burckhardt because I was reading about how Pound was inspired by Renaissance writers – Pound was on a similar plane of elitist aesthetic appreciation.

Ah such a breath of fresh air with Burckhardt. Half of the intro is spent talking about how he’s such a misguided ogre, and then finally one scrolls to his actual text

Our guiding idea is the course of civilization, the succession of levels of culture in various peoples and within individual peoples themselves.

He was a rather modest person himself, he refused to accept more prestigious teaching positions and didn’t care much about writing books for literary fame- he was focused on his students. So these lecture notes are a treat.

Remember my post on Winckelmann? Burckhardt was born about 50 years after his death, and he can be seen as part of his tradition of recovering the ancients, and older eras generally (he also has a book on the age of Constantine). These lecture notes cover antiquity, the middle ages, and the 15th-18th centuries. Anti-demotic snob history, not many places you can go for that. This, like that Straussian index, is for those who starve. Is this the first historian I’ve brought up for that? I think so, I usually focus on philosophers and artists.

William James and cheeseburgers, they even knew in the 1800s

Barbarians and modern American men of culture live without consciousness of history.

Imagine a history teacher talking like this today. Oh so you’re going to clarify the meanings of those terms I take it?

I saw this meme recently – any chocolate ladies want to stop over and learn history with me?

It would truly be better if they learned history from someone like Burckhardt. Gives them ideals, and noble goals to strive for. Make fun of my dick all you want, just make sure to bring a funnel so it’s easier to go into the bathroom after sucking it to secretly spit my load into your pussy. That pretzel shape you’d have to make on the floor, now that would be funny.

Kind of a cliffhanger here, don’t you want to know more?

Might as well be talking to whites in an identical manner. No one wants to admit that our culture would be better off for all races if our teachers were Nazis, or at least more Nazi-like. Brings us back to this idea of people cowering from divine judgment. It’s possible in human form to be super strict for the betterment of the student. It’s possible to get to the point where you read someone like Burckhardt and find him “refreshing”. The strictness is seen as something good. Most people can only react emotionally to his “geburah” nature, if we were to use the language of the Kabbalah- they can only react as opposing “sapphires” of beauty, altruism, mercy. If you can learn to identify with the geburah sapphire as well we might be able to preserve the upright and noble features of our people, or your people, depending who’s reading this. Just trying to tantalize people into reading Burckhardt, that’s all.

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