Alright I have to know more about this one now after reading that thing from my previous post about aestheticizing the Ideas

Iamblichus of Syria (ca. 240-325), whose teachings set the final form of pagan spirituality prior to the Christianization of the Roman Empire.

If you’re a “Christian” who doesn’t go to church you don’t have the right to say anything against this. Clearly you see problems with the church. Emerson thought the study of Iamblichus would cause a revival in the churches. The medieval Christians were actually strongly influenced by him.

No wonder he’s so obscure

theurgy was a subtle and intellectually sophisticated attempt to apply Platonic and Pythagorean teachings to the full expression of human existence in the material world.

I wish I looked more into this thinker sooner! Recall my post on the Egyptian roots of western philosophy. We lost ritual, that was inherent to it originally. Also recall Alfarabi’s theory of the cycles of wisdom, i.e. he believed that ideally a religion should’ve been made out of Plato and Aristotle instead of Muhammad. It’s only the rabble that’s held us back from that. Now we have so many thinkers to use also who have built on those Greeks. This is how evolution of humanity can occur.

Just a snapshot of some Ideas- all of these can be interpreted in a radically un-PC manner

It’s a really flimsy “ritual” to see what your anon friends are poasting about. That’s not a ritual at all, and yet that’s all that most in the reactosphere have for one. We can dream something up that’s a lot better than that. “Fringe” people don’t have to go to the scientologist, we can think up our own 21st century Golden Dawn.

I haven’t found something as exciting as this for a while. People probably think it’s the formulation of a LARP in progress, I don’t care. Enjoy your lonely and empty social media “ritual”. You really can sit in a Christian church and not feel detached? Something’s missing from all this. And then the more secular ones have the ritual of the “theatre” i.e. the movie theater, i.e. hollywood brainwash. That’s popular religion, not everyone’s happy with that.

Are you one of the ones who implicitly believed the west was Christian since year 1? This is a pagan theorist of “the church” who lived 300 years after Christ. We’re going back to the beginning. I’m ready to reinvent the church altogether, whatever it takes to fix the death of god. Ms. Juno doesn’t like this hubris. Fine, be Mary without a wisdom element, sounds basic.

Finally a “religion” I can relate to. This is going to be niche though since not many believe in the “myth of Socrates”

Trust a theurgist to tell you what theurgy is.

Think of these again

It’s a way to understand these higher concepts in a concrete manner, and in an off the reservation sense. Theoretically, every week one would be “Reminded” via group-ritual. Sound too good to be true? It’s possible. Hyperstition, all I’m sayin.

This book is “God’s workshop” genre

Several rituals are explained, outlined, and visualizations and instructions to carry them out are provided.

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