I think those Neoplatonists were on to something important with this

theurgy is the summation of Platonic practice, reigning over and unifying theology and philosophy.

This living practitioner says modern theology is a form of philosophy in being exclusively theoretical and not ritualistic. Seems right, tradcath types simply don’t have a church to go to. Something ungodly about that. We’re all still part of the over-individualistic atheistic world in not having a church to go to.

Simply reading this writer say “I am a Platonist myself” gives me a sense like I’m living in a real society for a moment. Imagine if that wasn’t merely in a book, and was real.

Your great pals on the internet or at your place of work, they’re really fulfilling to be around, definitely takes the place of what church used to do for your ancestors.

People truly are just too Satanic to talk to, and I do anyway. I think they’re so distant from God because they’re missing the ritual remembrance of the aestheticized Ideas. I’m a priest-type myself and it isn’t easy to constantly keep them in memory, so I imagine it’s even more difficult for them. We’re social animals, we need that- digital friends aren’t enough, the Mammonites of real life aren’t enough. People who are “religious” and believe in higher things, that tends to be lacking in people’s lives. If there are religious people it tends to be in a mythological garb that isn’t easy to relate to. What I call leveling or the embrace of the slave fate is something Satanic, it’s forgetfulness of the Ideas. People can appear pretty wholesome on the surface and really they’re just creatures of the world and there’s something evil about them. They want to keep those who remind them of that away, why wouldn’t they, they’re demons. Demons don’t look and talk like demons, they disguise it. In fact they form the majority, which makes it easy for them to hide, because questioning them means you will be a minority who is easily targeted. You’re supposed to see them as “normal”. No, sorry, I’ve met Artemis, and that isn’t normal. Only on the surface do many of them purport to care about the alleviation of suffering, providing relief for the human condition, and the reality is they only care about feeling good in the present through following trends. It’s all appearances for them, that’s what a demon is- and appearances are the opposite of the Ideas. They try to give you the impression they believe in the Ideas while really believing in the opposite. We could help them if we had an institution where they could ritualistically remember the real meaning of higher concepts. Unfortunately, most who would create this type of institution would themselves be one of these demons who only want to trick people into thinking they’re anything besides someone who wants momentary good feeling and status within the demonic order. Okay, I’m formalizing what to avoid, there’s not much we can do besides that in this demonic order.

What is the meaning of all these words, why don’t you post about your thoughts on one of them- or would the demons not like that?

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