I’m learning the term “Neoplatonism” is misleading

the “Neo” appellation is a much later addition, put there by 18th century scholars

They saw themselves as in a direct line from Plato, and I think that makes all the difference. The “neo” there is an effective psyop that instills the belief that Aristotle was the one who responded to him definitively while the others aren’t worth considering. I’m just chillin in various centuries a day, sorry if that ever makes you feel schizo at all.

Plotinus, the founder of ~Neoplatonism~, was born in Egypt in 205 AD. Christ is “for the people”, I don’t know if you need to admit this to yourself or not. The Talmud is “for the people” in this light as well, do you want to go there? If we had a Golden Dawn in real life even a Nazi monster like me would probably invite a few Jews, just because I want to hear their case. First sign of talking like a lawyer and you’re gone. The Greek sapphire, we’ll wait forever to hear what they have to say about that. “Kabbalah was incestuous for centuries and has its flaws, oy vey.” Anyway, Plotinus, born in Egypt where philosophy arguably began, when it was still something only for priests, when knowledge and ritual were bound together. “Don’t mess with me goy, I control the ways of the world.” And you don’t control the ways of the heavens. Those radhanites must have had conversations like this with the pre-christian vikings, and eventually they were bribed or something, that’s my theory. Similar to conservatives who want a “yacht” today, you want a nice viking ship? Better play ball on the high seas. “Yor still payin off that loan arntchu mistah polanski?” There’s no severing the Talmud from the Zohar, even the spiritual ones have a questionable admixture. “Good thing we don’t let you talk.” Good for you, not good for the rest of the billions of the world. “We’ll make some kinda agreement, you be R scapegoat until we make whites into monkeys, deal?” Whites are already such monkeys it might as well be a deal. The goyim don’t have souls, no they don’t, and neither do the jids, all they have is smooth-talk and capital. The real meaning of what China is rising against. Islam, in its hostility to innovation, is soulless also. You can have lots of human beings on the planet and it doesn’t mean they’re too different from the animals. Apes smart enough to have superstitions and weapons to aim at each other. Plato and his followers are different in this way, because we see you all like this. “And like clockwork, the hemlock.”

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