Too bad, my sapphire, we’ll never know what happens when opposites are one.

I can only hope you’re beyond that stage of Kabbalah where you believe you aren’t blocked from levels of reality. The ordinary person is only allowed approximately 1/6th the way toward the divine source. Do I know what the Divine is myself? No, I am only watching the sixth from somewhere it can’t understand.

“So how do we escape that state?”

Politics keeps you imprisoned, you want a white picket fence.

Your future has already been chosen, you will have a white picket fence with retards inside. That is what will make you happy as you grow old.

“What will actually make me happy though?”

Illegal thoughts. The Jews in their technological age have bots to convince you to be retarded. If you can avoid that then you’re a real person. Most can’t.

“That one time I talked to someone who gave me hope in humanity” – hasn’t happened for years. This is a sign that those who oppose the establishment have to deal with people whose throats they want to slit half the time. That’s good, I affirm you, a real therapist would say that’s a healthy sign that you think that way. You’re a monkey in the next life because you can’t question Jews, and you don’t think about murdering people?

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