Haha you’re with Lord Farquaad. We already have a science to this. If you were Esther’d your opinion is meaningless. Black or dark of skin? One of the ones whose opinion is worth next to nothing. You’re a woman? Congratulations, women are a type of nigger that can never admit it. You control breeding though so you don’t like people pointing this out. Does that make you any less of a subhuman? I really don’t think so. All the different types of niggers have to rely on bots without mentioning the person directly who questions them. Irish people just don’t have a chance. What’s my name, nigger? Ah that’s right, you’re a soulless nigger without any hope. Same with women, jews, blacks. Enjoy Lord Farquaad, or if you’re a guy then enjoy your blowup doll, that’s the best you can hope for in the order of these retards. “We need to hide this fact.” Yeah, you’re a nigger, that’s what niggers do.

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