Had a dream I was on an adventure of sorts so now I want to know more about the adventure genre. The reason people don’t tend to care about history is because it isn’t much of an adventure. The best parts of history are probably the records of adventure. The reason I like nonfiction writers like Shmakov is because it’s like a real-life adventure. Maybe explains why some are interested in the politically incorrect.

Just preliminarily, they say the same basic framework extends from the 3rd century to movies today

a hero would undergo a first set of adventures before he met his lady. A separation would follow, with a second set of adventures leading to a final reunion.

Earlier believe it or not I was feeling bad that the Odyssey is so man-centered. It’s not called the Penelopiad. There are actually some feminist spin-offs of the Greeks I might post about later. First thought- you’re just trying to change nature if you want to alter the framework above. Can’t believe I’m saying this- at the same time it seems like it could be more of an adventure if there was more equality. Is this called “character development”? They’re already excessive today in the direction I speak of. You try to change nature too much you’re going to pay the price. They’ve flushed civilization down the toilet because I’ve gone into too much detail about this. “It’s her turn.” I get the sense that Harris didn’t really make them happy. They’re still spiteful about Hillary. Some want to save philosophy, others want to save women, others want to save proles, save POC. Without philosophy you’ll save none of the others.

Anyway, the only study I’ve found on this genre is from 1991, and you can tell

The first counter-argument I think of is Lara Croft. I think what we’re seeing in the modern world is a rebalancing of courage between men and women. Men are guided to be meeker, women are guided to be bolder. Neither, from my observations, are often bold in any way that matters.

Even “old books” from the 90s are so much better than the overly womanly ones published today

Is there much adventure today? We seem to be living in a woman’s world in the sense above. And Juno will show her wrath if anyone deviates from that. Just let me have fun you joyless woman.

Everyone is a woman in the context of the egregore. That’s why people hate me when I bring it up, they know. That’s the real adventure, fighting that. As I’ve discovered, you might as well be fighting all of the west when you fight that. Slaveworld, people submit because they at least want some meager scraps.

You starting to understand the highlander romance genre I see? Not everyone is happy with what I called the rebalancing of courage. Many women like to be Penelope. They want to be rescued. And loved by someone brave. Tragic isn’t it? Sure Hillary can be the president, the president of bending over how about? Yet, you see, at least to me, there’s still some kind of element of injustice about that. This is why I formulate a Mary-Athena synthesis. It seems like it would be good for them to be bolder, presuming that they’re bold in good ways. See how Dionysus crosses boundaries? I mess with reactionary orthodoxy sometimes too. We live in a world where it’s the norm to mess with that so I usually refrain.

This 90s study claims there’s been a decline in the adventure genre. Many of us were born into a feminist world, and yet they still pretend to play the underdog today. How greedy these women are. I want them, scantily clad, to serve us adventure fiction on a silver platter written by the most toxic individuals possible. “Only if the protagonist is five different brown races mixed into one! Four isn’t enough in 2021.” They want you demoralized through depriving you of media you can relate to- demoralization is key to the rebalancing of courage process.

The historical situatedness of the genre

Now that we’re all “settled” they think other things are more important to focus on. The “time of abundance” we’re in, the time of adventure is over. I don’t think so. What do you think political incorrectness is? It’s always implicitly the postulation that we’re not living in the end of history. The frontier is chipping away at the egregore. The adventure is escaping society’s illusions. Fighting the villain of looming nihilism.

Ah now I want to read an old adventure book, “to remember”. The world before lawlessness was illegal. Remember, both the kagal minions and outlaws already live outside the law in their own way. Or if you recall Horace, Jupiter rules over everything, not Augustus. Our overlords simply pretend to be Jupiter (and manage to fool many). Here is that oldschool study on the adventure genre if you want to know more about that.

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