I KNEW I was on to something with this

Is that what people want most in life, adventure?

This seems fair to say about the genre

The books I want to bring to the reader’s attention reward serious discussion, but they belong neither to the people nor to the connoisseur.

A way I’d put it is they’re more fun than they are fulfilling. Though, many of them are considered classics because they are fulfilling as well.

If adventure movies are America’s favorite, and books are better than movies, then it follows this is a significant subject to examine. Yeah I like to have fun in my life, what can I say, everything isn’t about studying the nature of God.

Treasure Island keeps arising in my mind. That’s a real good one that somewhat defines the genre to me.

This is odd- late 1800s perception

Morally safe, wut. People don’t think like that at all these days, do they? Children being exposed to (non-pornographic) eros as a corrupting influence? Kids shouldn’t know about matters of the heart, alright. Eh I guess I can see it. Do you like how I’m a Platonist about art ever waking moment? No damnit it’s not morally neutral.

This is a pretty severe way of looking at the genre

inviting the adventure tale inside the city of literature

The velvet rope will not be lifted for someone covered in soot.

Now reflect on how adventure is the most popular movie in America.

Zoom out and notice it’s more of a cerebral pleasure for me to examine the genre itself rather than read a particular instantiation thereof. At the moment anyway- I might get into a mood.

Oo I love these taxonomies of the Most Refined Ones of Europe

The new German theories of adventure are political and philosophical where the French were aesthetic

The Marxist Bloch saw the genre as a way to build an alliance between the lower middle class and the proletariat. (An adventure is not typically an “adventure of ideas”.) If I were to wax Marxist myself I’d say romance could be used similarly- it’s a genre “for the people”. This is where the minds of Grug and Grugette tend to exist at, adventure and romance. And everyone is them.

To put it into context, do you think it’s right to say Dante’s descent to hell is an “adventure”? No, there’s something more going on there. To call the travels of Zarathustra an adventure would be to cheapen them. You can still raise the question though. I think these two mentioned here show us what levels of adventure are possible. We’d be evolved as a culture if we all went on adventures together that approached the meaning of the word in the sense of these two.

Imagine being such a snob you read this kind of study racistly (I am)

WHAT IS AFTER ZOG? This is one method to begin to determine that.

“What about the Meds?” What about the Meds? I joke.

“What about the Euromutts of America?” What about those nothings? The worst country in history. Even Mexicans are leveled here. Reminds me of Burckhardt saying if people focused on charity during the Renaissance so many artworks would not exist today. The US has nothing to show for itself besides a shameful, mentally diseased populace.

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