Back to theurgy because I sense that it more than most things could fix the modern world

philosophical practice takes us only so far. This is not a denigration of philosophy.

-buzzer goes off- This is incorrect, yes it is, and it’s beautiful. The lack of a ritualistic element is a flaw of philosophy’s. And then on the other side, the lack of philosophy is a flaw of religion’s.

This living Neoplatonist claims the aim of theurgy is to make people more divine, and that’s effective – and I see how it could be.

Is it just me or does this sound extremely appealing to you?

Unlike the popular ideology of “spiritual but not religious,” later Platonism is spiritual and religious, as well as highly intellectual.

What other movement could be described that way? Only something stemming from Plato.

Remember I jumped from the Cantos to Iamblichus. The latter is a certain kind of human Olympian who one can try to get acquainted with, like Artemis.

This is a veritable hermeneutic of suspicion, an “antiphilosophy” if you will

Iamblichus writes, “it is not pure thought that unites theurgists to the gods.” Contemplation ceases effectiveness above the level of the Mind. Beyond this level are the Intelligibles beyond discursive thought.

Look what day it is, it’s Sunday. There must be a science that can be perfected that would make attendance in church effective. I don’t care if the Christians hiss at me, you do nothing to fix anything. I’m willing to start from square one on this. What are you willing to let go of? What are you interested in adding? Here in this place neither secularists or Christians will judge you.

Speaking of that idea of “innovation”, neither secularists or Christians tend to permit that at all, and thus they’re both eerily similar to Islam.

Here are some synonyms scholars use to translate “theurgy”- sacred rites, hierougia; initiated mysteries, mustagogia; liturgy, hieratike; sacred art, hieratike techne; divine wisdom, theosophia.

Pretend it’s year 1. What do we do? We have an abundance of construction materials, we can build a church from the ground up and fill it with all sorts of stuff.

Religious, spiritual, and highly intellectual, sounds like the perfect formula doesn’t it? And yet both sides, the secularists and the religious are hostilely opposed to it. One calls you superstitious, the other calls you a blasphemer, so be it. I’d like to have an authentically religious day of the week. It’s like how we have Christmas once a year. Except it’s a sacred special time once a week. Wouldn’t you like that? Seems like that’s a healthy way for life to be.

I’ve brought up before how a light dose of an entheogen sounds about 10000x better than a wafer to instill the proper mood of post-egoic reverence. With this you can take it or leave it if we get the rest of the details of the “church” right. It would probably just help a lot, especially for those of us who’ve lived in a secular culture all our life. Caffeine for six days of the week, a light entheogen for the seventh.

I’m ready to get somewhat wild with it too and bring in some of Badiou’s ideas I’ve discussed. Interactive theatre possibly that revolves around these Ideas among others

Say one Sunday is devoted to one Idea, and a different one the next week.

And it doesn’t have to be a sermon, I think we can learn from the academy here and have philosophical priests who answer questions in the moment for those are confused about something. So a kind of Hegelian Christianity, that’s what I mean by “interactive”.

And rather than just using and musing on theology proper, we can do the same with classic art in its various forms.

The boomers clearly don’t know how to help us so I say we adjust it to how we want it. I see “church” as a more or less blank canvas waiting to be painted.

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