This is such a crazy concept

I have to emphasize that I’m aware of the type of individualistic person that someone with a URL like mine draws to them and I’m sure some find me reprehensible in certain ways, so I just wanted to say you can adjust whatever ideas I bring up to your own personal nature without having to believe everything else I have to say. The form of theurgy I offer to you now, you can bring whatever content you want to it.

There are different gods in the pantheon, and there are different pantheons. The point is that you bring some true reverence to them rather than being a cosmetic, half-hearted person. This is what solemn, serious ritual can do, and not many today are going to tell you that. The historical era we’re in can be characterized as a reaction against Christianity. You can disagree with it and still find things valuable about it that were lost in the turn to secularism.

You know what I find valuable about it? That it provided the necessary stability from which science and philosophy flourished. Without that stability I can’t have my favorite things. I’ll be direct- part of the intellect has to be sacrificed in order for the intellect overall to survive in its higher manifestations. Priests won’t talk about it this way, that at the foundation there needs to be a basic Stupidity. People are perfectly fine with that regarding progressivism. The difference is the prog ethos doesn’t optimally facilitate science and philosophy, or art. So it’s a Stupidity for no reason, as I see it.

Priest-types can think all they want about whatever they want. The lie of the enlightenment is that everyone is a priest-type. No, when non-priest-types don’t have a basic foundation their lives are going to be chaotic and miserable for decades. My fellow millennials, I already see the signs among you, and you have no idea what the prog ethos has in store for the future. You’re just coasting now, and some of us can see where the unfolding of your logic leads.

The problem is, when you bring up this concept of the art of worship the demons will only appropriate it for their own ends, i.e. destruction of the intellect, hedonism, etc. and refashion it to be put to use for the worship of Mammon.

If you find yourself reading this the chances are you’re not happy with either secularism or religion. This is where many are in history. We both have our own idea of what that third option means. If you’ve mostly consumed corporation-approved media all your life I think you need to stop and think. They try to carve out this other option themselves, and they’ve spent trillions to create the ideal subject.

No, I’m talking to “them” aren’t I. There’s no point in distinguishing between your real self and the one they created that you call yours.

Again, I doubt there isn’t a difference between the two if you’re reading this. A very harsh process has taken place to scare away the ones who don’t have a double-consciousness. This is 21st century occultism like it or not (most will hate it). In many cases they will “find themselves” and side even more vehemently with the ones who brainwashed them since they were children. That’s fine, that’s part of alchemy, the dirt is separated from the pure metal.

This is a “minority” thing that’s happening. Most will not survive, most will turn into even prouder shills than they were before attempting initiation, prouder grifters than ever before. The “enlightenment” didn’t change anything about human nature. The illiterate ones of today know how to read. They know grammar, and all they can use it for is to justify their slavery.

I think of how the Irish didn’t have indoor plumbing until the 1990s. Have some humility. And this can be said of so many races.

You only have the illusion of “independence”. The reality is that there are higher entities above all of us, and if you are able to access your own freewill you can consciously decide between them for yourself. The slaves always choose the state, in every case scenario. That is a type of god, the state. There are many others you can choose from. I always bring up Dionysus and Athena, my personal favorite to see manifest in others. This is a real thing. These are symbols that express a reality. Not many people are like these two divinities. They are the main enemies of Yahweh. So obviously people hesitate to relate to them. Whether you do or not you’re cursed either way – what is your response to this? That at least slaveworld views you favorably if you demonstrate no defiance? Wow, that sounds meaningful, for slaveworld to give you a “Like”.

I have my own style of “ritual and worship”, that’s writing against the establishment. That’s what I have to settle for in our atomized time. Theoretically we could have groups of like-minded individuals who actually do literal ritual and worship. Of course they won’t agree about everything. The point is they agree with each other more than they agree with the order that is enforced. Don’t call it Dionysus, don’t call it Athena, call it whatever you want, those are just the ancient precedents of what I speak of. Separated, all the ones who worship these types of divinities will only be conditioned over time to embrace the evil mainstream god. I only suggest you take the idea seriously of trying to gather some sort of secret society in your local area. Probably not an easy thing to do, I only formulate it as an ideal. Even only two people as a “group” is a threat to them. When you’re just an individual you’re vulnerable, being a social animal. Many people in a group is a real threat to them. They want to separate each person from the other in order for each to accept their brainwash in a total sense which involves zero self-awareness anymore.

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