I’m already pulled back to that adventure study again, because it’s so rare. 1991, take me back, and it sounds like it was bad even then. It seems extreme that entire genres might be excluded from the canon for political reasons (if they haven’t already)

even courage of an ordinary kind makes some of us uneasy.

If you remember the correspondence between two of the galaxybrain Jews of the 20th century, Strauss and Kojeve, the latter winks about how Plato elevates the virtue of moderation above the virtue of courage only for the servant castes. So although the adventure genre isn’t technically fine art, it still has its aristocratic qualities.

This approximate side-by-side is kind of neat

I don’t see much of the right column virtues in the modern world, it’s mostly a mixture of the deadly sins and the Christian virtues, which in some cases aren’t even virtues in my opinion.

Wow, this prism has the potential to upend the canon radically

Think of Bloom’s standards in light of Kojeve’s remark… We like a soft, gentle goy, don’t we folks.

This writer above was referencing Trilling who he says belongs to the past. I remember reading some of him as a kid, was he canceled? I might take a glance at him later.

A couple qualities of adventure

an exploration of the weakness of social laws… an exploration of forbidden violence

My interest is piqued, I have to say. He writes this after mentioning the novels of Sir Walter Scott, if anyone young and impressionable is reading this. “Stay away from my children!”

This writer seems to imply that the values expressed in adventure are what led to Western imperialism, and that’s why the genre is given the stink-eye.

It really was a great fortune to find this study, I wasn’t expecting any of this

I’m just waiting for him to give me a list of the writers who exemplify the perfect mixture of toxic and eloquent. The list the schoolmarms don’t want you to know about!

He says this genre was a rite of passage for boys in the 19th century, and displaced Christian values, before being attacked into disappearance in the 20th.

Who knows what they give kids to read these days

direct exhortations to meekness and obedience found in early children’s literature

I’m sure it’s on the “screens”. Have you sampled any new cartoons lately? I’m sure much is cause for vomit.

This might be a legitimate conspiracy

At first I was annoyed I could only find this one study from the 90s! Google Books is probably going to keep me out of the rest of the book in the next few pages here.

How in line with the prog ethos of “no fun allowed” is this – “Adventure bad!”


“I want you to take me on an adventure.” You’re not allowed to go on adventures with chauvinists.

I hadn’t even heard of this one until yesterday

The recovery of a buried genre. I sense this is only the beginning of discovering the literature they try to keep out of our awareness.

adventure tales prepare their readers, via their identification with the protagonist, to inflict violence, to kill. They take readers across the frontiers of civilization and into the forbidden zones of the illegal or alegal, where one makes one’s own laws.

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