I never heard of a few of these names

Some of the authors considered are Dumas, Scott, Defoe, Cooper, Verne, Buchan, Kipling, Twain, and Chandler.

What gems can possibly be found??

The first type, of Defoe, I know and love- the others I’m not as familiar with

Ah, so this scholar, Martin Green, is in a direct agon with “The Great Books” canon. I KNEW there was something questionable there.

Here’s an old review of this study if you want an overview.

This puts me in the mood to have a chalice of blood to celebrate

Good news, I’ve been drawing from only the second volume of a three volume study- this is the third one

He says western culture has been inspired by adventure as much as it has been by democracy. The suffocation of half the spirit of Europe.

Can you imagine being so extreme you’d eliminate this Russian from the canon?

Anything that rangordnungs moderation over courage I’m willing to do away with, in times like these.

I just applied for a job at the Jewish Center in my city (literally), do you think they could use my unique skill-set? I need some extra money so I thought why not. I doubt any of my readers are willing to pay me to write, so. Dunno if I’ll be posting as much in the next weeks.

Back to the adventure genre though, this is what Green says of it

the rest of literature and culture keeps [it] quiet, as a dirty secret.

I focus too much on this kind of stuff for my own good. I should use my white brain on the stock market or something. (Fuck that!) “Good he’ll have to go away and focus on practical life, we hate his guts!” Yeah you hate consciousness, you love blindness. And what ought to be done to those who worship blindness. With the cherished can’t-remember-what-they-had-for-breakfast phenomenon they will effortlessly lapse back into a life rounded by sleep and forget all about the Promethean heights above and outside of the cultural horizon I’ve showed them. Ideally you’d have a department of professors dedicated to that. No, culture thrives on ignorance. The basic Stupidity at the foundation of everything I mentioned yesterday. It’s been an adventure. It might be time to start caring about getting one of those treasured gold diggers everyone seems to be after, and a nice house on a street of cowardly frauds. No, I can’t care about that, I just can’t do it. Just forget about that perception, it’s jaded and cynical, and not accurate at all.

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