In trying to save my friends from psyops I’ve been entangled in psyops myself. Their aim is to make people as stupid as the typical Jew, woman, or brown. I won’t settle for that. It’s a constant gaslight of “You’re gay, you have a small dick!” in order to justify people being retarded in the future. No, have you ever actually seen a mulatto? They want dirtpeople in the future, it’s about hating white men who have consciousness. Why can’t a woman ever impress me enough intellectually that I think jerking off isn’t preferable to having her? You’re just a street hooker. You’re porn, born to be fucked and left behind. “We want our retard consciousness to be universal.” Yes… Jewish people are happy about that happening to the goyim.

Just keep in mind the people who are after money and sex form the majority and they never think of anything beyond that. Yeah sex and cash, that’s life, you got it figured out.

It’s already too late for the west, I’ve never seen a sign in years that anyone opposes that. I like talking about life, sorry if you want to demonize me for suggesting there are other things we could talk about. And I’m only talking to the ones who have no hope. You hold such a great conversation with a white male when you’re a retard, I really want to fuck you. Fucking retards is the top of my list of what I want to do in life. And yet, what else is there in this world? Pick a level of moron. It’s not a question of whether you want a moron or not it’s a question of which type of moron you want. I don’t want a moron. If you are aligned with the political order in any way you are a moron who has to fabricate reasons why you are a nigger retard no one could ever love. “I’m a sell-out, love me!” No.. I’d rather jerk off. Can you acknowledge that or? No, it’s only a sell-out forever. I at least try to ennoble some type of female that could rise above that. “I’m a servant of the political order.” Yeah and you seem really ugly to me. “Which is why we keep you invisible.” You do that because you’re ugly, spiritually, to the core of your soul, and you can’t admit it. Thus the future will be ugly soulless people like you, white nigger. Happy now? The ideal is that people like you would be gathered together and shot in the head. Instead we have those people determining policies for everyone. “Yes, we do do that what about it?” You can’t even handle a casual question, you’re a hysterical mess.

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