I can see your future. You are the one who is not able to be criticized today because people feel too sorry for you. That is your future self, the one who people laughed at secretly and couldn’t criticize explicitly. Are you happy that is humanity’s future? People who are so pathetic people aren’t allowed to laugh at them? Look at that, it’s a jew, a woman, a mud, what’s similar about all these three? They’re niggers who are the future since you did nothing to stop them. Retard Future is what you can expect. “And we deny we’re retarded.” – yes, that’s part of being mentally handicapped. Who really didn’t participate in the retard plot? Not enough people for me to continue “looking for friends”. Find some non-retards online, good luck. I challenge you to show me one. “How about these bots that allow me to pretend I’m not one of the retards?” Show me one person who is a human being, good luck. You could do that yourself for once, you know? “Being a human being isn’t part of the stock market view of reality.” Alright so that’s who I’m speaking to here. Nah, there are anons who understand, who they disappeared and I can’t find anymore. That’s key to their deception. Make sure your idealist friends are out of your awareness. If they play the censorship game that should urge us more to read anti-modern texts. They’ve been using machine learning for years to convince whites that watching basketball is good in order to prevent another holocaust. That says it all. Or are you so part of their world you can’t understand that?

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