About Agrippa from a dissertation involving the Golden Dawn

his synthesis of Iamblichan theurgy with Catholic Christianity by way of the Kabbalah

Here is a summary of the inaccessible(?) dissertation.

People tend to look for what the Golden Dawn believed rather than going to the sources that the GD itself used.

I want to go to the beginning, in other words. I don’t want to rely on modern filters.

Iamblichus has a text titled Περὶ τῶν Αἰγυπτίων μυστηρίων (On the Egyptian Mysteries)

Some people might be kind of creeped out about what those Egyptian priests were up to

In what does a dæmon differ from a hero or half-god or from a soul?

That living Neoplatonist I drew from the other day emphasizes that theurgy is distinct from magic or sorcery. Even if the Golden Dawn might have called it that. This is the more ancient conception. They called the dæmon the Holy Guardian Angel – either way, the modern ear does not like to hear it. Even calling it something as plain as “the higher self” tends to rub people the wrong way. Putting that aside, the idea is there are rituals that make it present, whatever label you want to put on it. If you understand the concept of “the death of god” then you will find this subject important. We’re going back to the original theories of “the church” before the church. I can’t expect either secularists or Christians to be able to look at this objectively. Another way of approaching this obstacle is to note that only atheists are progs, and if you disagree with my politics that will prevent you from looking at this objectively as well. So, you’re kind of stuck, you won’t be able to correct the death of god because you are too atheistic, spiritually and politically. It isn’t easy to be like this, whispering to you with a darkened face in a hooded robe. It’s altruism that binds people to the realm of illusion. They can’t betray their fellows, whether they’re proles or POC or any of the rest. They can’t handle the elitism occultism entails. Yes, all those people, I’m not sure if they have souls. This is partially a consequence of the death of god and the lack of effective ritual in the modern world. With a proper religious structure they wouldn’t have a soul so similar to inanimate dirt. “Okay, I’ve had enough of this!” This ties in with the idea of the higher self. They aren’t connected to their own and the selves that are higher than them in terms of other human beings they are not able to connect with either. A figurative way of putting it is blondes make people feel ugly so they just prefer to pretend relativism is real. This applies to spiritual matters as well. The “top of their mind” is able to actualize and breathe perhaps one breath before it is pulled back to the safe and soothing monkey majority. Then there are others who are probably reading this thinking “Okay get on with the point, there’s no sense even bothering to talk to those kinds of people.” I’m trying to help them. It’s a clearly observable psychological mechanism that if they were more aware of they might be able to render obsolete. They can’t get a third person perspective on the inner-workings of their own self, is the problem. So I try to do that for them. “No, they can’t be harmed! All of humanity would die!” They don’t need to know, it’s about you. You don’t want to be harmed. You want to believe that you’re God, and you’re not. That’s what causes the harm, sensing that you’re not. That’s not a noble aversion to suffering. It’s the ego of sin wanting to preserve itself. When’s the last time you talked to a priest or psychologist? It doesn’t matter, they won’t talk to you this directly anyway. “All of humanity dies!” No, not all, just most. We return again to this idea of the connection between trauma and mystical experience. God didn’t die, people killed God, because they didn’t want a God above them. It was too demanding on them. They decided they preferred to live without any ideals, or with only feeble or false ideals. That’s what causes them “harm”, when they’re reminded of that.

I think modern people could use something like this

the De mysteriis is a masterful attempt to combine the teachings of revelation literature with those of Neoplatonism, and to give theurgic rites a philosophical basis.

This is the attempt to make a religion out of wisdom. This is probably for the possible future Übermenschen, and only a minority today. This text on theurgy was written around the year 300 and Theodosius made Christianity the state religion less than a century later. People are still not ready for it today. They have neither a religion of wisdom nor one of faith (in the traditional sense of the term). A secular religion based on lies is what most believe, so a religion of unwisdom. They have rituals which reinforce those lies, as in when they publicly proclaim their belief in the usual prog tenets. I dunno, what does that for you? Make you feel safe and soothed with the monkey majority that can rarely breathe a breath from the top of the mind? Heh this is my attempt at an Iamblichan neo Golden Dawn ritual, or what is vaguely possible digitally when only text is relied on. The point of theurgy is that it’s more than just text. A bridge few will cross. Simply one “breath” in the way I speak of is good for starters.

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