I’m telling you people, some of the Straussians are on a higher level of discourse. This is how Parens defines “political thought” on the first page of his book

science that orders the pursuit of all the other sciences in a city or regime

The first definition he gives as a foil is “thinking about governments”. What’s hidden in that? “Thinking about all the other sciences” is the more direct way of phrasing that definition. This more direct way was how it was defined in ancient and medieval times. Notice how it’s odd as a modern person to hear it defined in that more direct way? I repeat- science that orders the pursuit of all the other sciences in a city or regime. Do you feel ordered in your science, anon? That’s because there’s a science over and above you ordering you. If you decide you don’t want to play ball with your science then you’re not part of society anymore. You’re either ordered or ostracized.

What he says political thought does seems true

reveals human beings to themselves in a way no other intellectual pursuit is capable of.

This is what I mean that it’s at a higher discourse. And most non-Straussian political thought does not talk this way.

It definitely doesn’t talk (((this way))) either. The science above all the other sciences is supposed to be invisible. SUPPOSED to be.

If you think back to my previous post about philosophical innovations and inaugurations of new modernities, that is how Nietzsche breaks with the tradition, by making all of this explicit and not invisible. He pushes Machiavelli’s thought further, just as Machiavelli pushed the thought of the ancients further. One big happy family of people who love to destroy illusions. What I’m saying here in the context of my posts on a hypothetical wisdom religion of the future, is that this version of explicit political philosophy will probably be intrinsic to it. I’d say it deserves its own “god” in a way. The science above the sciences is not going to remain invisible with this conception, and theurgical ritual will instill its practitioner with this sense of its non-invisibility.

Do you see the subtlety here? I’m proposing a science above the science that is above the rest of the sciences. That shouldn’t be invisible either, obviously.

This is profound

This is what I refer to as the rationalization phenomenon. They can’t just sit content with the things I say, they can’t accept it, they always have to make some kind of excuse. Because they know I’m speaking directly about them, and they know I’m right. #DAMAGED

Esotericism of the day- real philosophy involves mutual destruction.

Either the political order turns more philosophical or the philosophers turns more into the political order. Think of the time I posted the mountain towering above the house and asked Are you going to throw dynamite at it, what is that going to do? Maybe trigger an avalanche if you’re lucky. The mountain is going to remain. And one is likely to die in the avalanche, turning into part of the mountain. Hence no one tends to do it. “Satanists” want to try storming heaven regardless, mostly because it seems like it’s run by the true devil. This is connected with what I said about Machiavelli in my previous post. This type of person believes humans should actively try to guide the political cycles. Most who believe they are doing that are in reality only accepting “fate” and preserving the existing phase of the cycle. What I often call people who agree with the corporations about everything and yet still PRETEND they’re not total conformists. You are not trying to guide the cycles, you are probably a self-deceiver if you think you are. There’s a good chance that you try to preserve the phase of the political cycle we’re at because you yourself identify with the nadir.

why did medieval political philosophy need to be recovered?… In the first instance, it was not so much that the Latin tradition of political philosophy needed to be recovered, but the Arabic… At the dawn of the twentieth century, very little was even known about Alfarabi.

Now you know.

This is true, and continues to be true

Although Islam arose after Judaism and Christianity, the emergence of political philosophy within the Islamic world can be said to have preceded the emergence of political philosophy within Judaism and Christianity

Political philosophy in the sense above of “science that orders the pursuit of all the other sciences in a city or regime” has still not emerged in the west, over a thousand years after Alfarabi wrote.

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