A concise way of phrasing it

Remember that Dante book I was drawing from written by Fortin? A collection of essays written in his honor is actually showing me that the ketman experts aren’t wrong about everything, which is my usual attitude.

Truths can’t be “operative” according to him unless they’re diluted. He says not only are certain people harmed if they hear something they shouldn’t, truth itself is harmed.

Notice my ears perk up only when he says the last part. Harming truth.. I don’t want to do that.

This is a Christian mind you, this Fortin, who says this, to the horror of his fellow theologians.

“Why would you think we could be friends if you didn’t care if you harmed me?” – I expected us only to be friends in the first place because we were both already friends with truth.

“That’s not so.”

And why is that, why aren’t you a friend of truth?

That itself is a harmful question.

If it harms the person then truth is harmed too because the person reacts negatively and flies further into delusion.

First time a Christian theologian has made a good point to me in a while, I salute you Fortin.

My self-understanding is that they’re all so far into delusion as it is that indiscriminate harm is better than no harm at all, the latter of which is the norm. Okay, you don’t try shaking them out of it at all then I have to be extreme – that’s my thinking.

Not only black people are niggers, they’re white and brown and jewish too- this is the cursed truth. They’re bots who know english programmed to lead to third world civilization and they can do no other. If only there was a harsher slur to describe them with. “Maybe if you weren’t so harsh they’d be more receptive to change.” I doubt it. There at least needs to be one person who burns them with hellfire, I don’t force anyone to read this anyway. That’s what we’re on our way to, and the more perceptive bots have the thought in the back of their mind that they’ll escape to somewhere else. With a “nation of immigrants” that’s what you can expect- no loyalty to this place. Problem is, they’re going to take their same malignant ways to other places and never learn, doing the same thing there. Why not end it now? No Fortin, I don’t care if they’re harmed, I don’t care if truth is harmed, all I care to do is calls em as I sees em.

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