A study on Fielding from 1950, not much in the way of secondary lit to be found on this one who great minds from earlier times claimed exemplified the title of “funnyman”

Just trying to dig up the past, like usual. This time I’m trying to dig up some laughs.

Here’s a subtlety about the genre

satire may portray either disgust or humour and the disgust which the author shows may be, and probably is, a sincere condemnation of his society.

I used to love watching stand-up when I was young and I feel the genre didn’t evolve with me. It’s just remained too enmeshed in the enforced politics.

People of an earlier time, not too distant from ours, got to have their George Carlin. After that, another time got to have their Bill Hicks. We don’t get one of those in our time.

We’re making a collection. A collection of genres that are excluded from the modern world

satire has been ranked as one of the cardinal divisions of literature

If it doesn’t count as “fine art” then I don’t really care about fine art. And no, if you’re PC you’re not funny, you’re just a retard that I laugh at. Get some new material you prostitute. Go stand on the corner and tell you’re jokes. You whore.

Another day of me trying to do what I can to incite a Renaissance

It is in [Horace and Juvenal] that the two most prevalent types of satire of the eighteenth century have had their roots.

I know I’m a harsh person, and I don’t apologize. Most “laughter” today is slavelaughter. It reinforces their identity as being part of the monkey majority that is tasteless and connected with the lack of education among proles. It’s not a what I’d term “exultant” laughter if it’s provoked by lowbrow humor. It’s usually one or two steps away from “toilet humor”. Because that’s what uneducated people tend to exist for, eating and shitting. Is that “funny” to you? Because it’s only disgusting to me. Okay, it’s funny to me too. Laughing with toilet humor vs. laughing AT those who laugh with toilet humor. Know the difference.

I’ll put it this way- humor revolves around the taboo. There are lowbrow taboos. The taboos that are actually funny to more refined spirits are too taboo for most to joke about.

Satire is similar to adventure in this way. True satire only exists outside the bounds of “the laws of society”. Neither are allowed in a true sense. In a true sense, I repeat. Know what else isn’t allowed, I might add? A romance with a satirical adventurer known as a Nazi. Only the Lord Farquaads who live within the horizon of dull society are allowed. Hence all those bizarre books I see on z-library- you can go there yourself to see what’s there.

Huh, this is surprising to read about this time-period

Langland? That must be like an unknown Fielding type? I’m trying to marshal all the forces of satirical pillory from every time-period. I want to create a laser beam, a death ray, that will kill our humorless time with mockery.

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