Sounds true

Speaking of that, I found another pokemon on an ostracized one

This is the avenue toward the best education possible, if you’re looking to be “self-taught”. An eighteen year old, say, really isn’t supposed to have such an education. You’ll be ostracized if you know too much and show it so be careful.

Straussians often study thinkers from a political perspective. If you recall from yesterday, that means from the perspective of “first philosophy”. They’re often Jews, and don’t want the goyim to know too much about this, because that might interfere with them continuing to be obedient workers and soldiers.

Here is Rousseau, and I hope at this point you don’t still think of Washington DC when you see the word “government”

Don’t think of any of those iconic white buildings in DC. Think of “the Law” from my previous post on Maimonides when you see the word “government”. It’s not the cops’ “law” or the senators’ “law”.

Most people today take the Social Contract to be his chief work- who’s right, them or him

In the Emile he said the only book a boy should read until the age of 15 is Robinson Crusoe. Not even exaggerating, that’s a better option than public schooling.

Think of Crusoe in this light

it is primarily in these three works that Rousseau establishes his sweeping critique of society in the name of nature.

There’s often a relation, ranging from subtle to hidden, between philosophy and poetry in the history of “philosophy”.

Some trace ALL the problems of the modern world back to Rousseau, and maybe they’re right, I’m just telling you some basics if you want to find out for yourself.

This scholar Roger Masters was the editor of most of the works of Rousseau, so he knows his stuff.

Here’s a synchronous twist

Even if you disagree with Rousseau he’s the kind of writer who asks the right questions, and so through that very disagreement you learn the truth. And it’s the kind of truth you’re not going to learn from the ordinary realm of gossip. “OMG I disagree about National Enquirer issue of the day!”

See, this is dangerous

What is the law? I dunno, what I do know is that our law is leveling. And I really wonder if it creates the “best” people. In fact, I know it doesn’t. Thus there must be a higher law than the one that is enforced. One that society of today should harmonize itself with.

Even the most casual glance at one of the great minds of the past takes you lightyears beyond the typical everyday chatter of those whose mental diet consists only of middling minds, usually living.

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