Here we go, exactly who I want to hear about this from

All the times in your life that you’ve laughed and you’ve probably never heard this name

People are usually hostile to both satire and adventure, in one because they’re the target of the joke, and in the other because they’re seen as the villain. I mean, you are a laughable evil person, aren’t you? You’re controlled by merchants, you’re a bitch, all you can do is deny it. Being like that makes you laughably evil yourself, sorry to tell you.

I always talk about philosophy as the high-point of culture, and I’m pulled to actually see satire as that instead. When someone makes you laugh (in a non-slave way) that seems to be the highest awareness possible.

No, the truth is it’s impossible to disentangle all the genres. Many of them express the human condition in the profoundest way such that to say any one of them is higher than the other is misleading. Can you think of a time when you were on an actual adventure in your life? There’s nothing “funny” about that. Some would argue that total seriousness is more human than laughter. This is why one encounters mixed genres. Adventures with romance that have funny moments. Yeah, that’s what life’s supposed to be about. Especially if it’s an adventure of ideas within a usual adventure, in my opinion.

I’m mostly following Strauss in this post though, with his idea that it was laughter and not argumentation that dissipated superstition during the early modern era.

We’re born into a time when we have written records from like 3000 years ago. The genres are not distinct from each other, they’re all overlapping. I still wonder- what is the optimal overlap? It definitely isn’t being a corporate shill like most people’s lives are. If we can formalize the ideal fiction to create then we can help them realize that. Adventure isn’t allowed, satire isn’t allowed, arguably detective mystery isn’t allowed either. Philosophy certainly isn’t allowed. I’ve made various posts toward the idea that art itself is not allowed either. Think of Joyce who said the true artist keeps themselves far away from the rabble. This is also true in the case of satire.

Culture, or, “the Law”, is a code that one is forced to follow. That is, one’s very personality is forced to align with it. Satirists subvert that Order. Real ones anyway do. Most of the ones you see today are frauds, just accept it. Rather than laughing at society they almost always laugh from the fringes of society at best, and at worst laugh at satirists who are actually criticizing society. Everyone knows “fake news”- there’s also fake humor. As I tried to make you aware of in my post on Molière, there’s an emptiness and cultural sickness that results from that. If people don’t have a place where they can go to laugh outside the bounds of polite society something is going to be off in their life. I know it is in mine. So many genres aren’t allowed that I feel so deprived.

People whose soul contains an admixture of nonbeing might not feel that deprivation. There’s a significant amount of the population that is responsible for making these genres I speak of nonexistent. They don’t want people to laugh, they don’t want people to have fun, they don’t want mysteries to be solved. No joke, they’re probably reading this right now, these people are real. They don’t think humans should be humans. They want everyone to have nonbeing as part of themselves. I’m more of a tragedian myself, perhaps we could portray them in tragedy rather than laugh at them, that might be more suitable. It all goes back to “Chad” funnily enough, they all hate the fact they were never born as him. Instead of trying to learn they only want peak human specimens to not exist anymore. That’s called being a nigger, I don’t care if you’re white, if you ARE white, then you are even more of one. Aww poor baby, born an ugly retard with shit for taste, and you want the rest of the world to be like you. Nigger.

Ah I’ve been distracted from the satirist’s craft though. That is politics. Politics is perhaps the most important “genre” that they don’t allow. Note again- they do not allow it in any real sense. As with adventure, satire, all the rest, they only allow a filtered version thereof. Do you really feel human when that’s all you’re allowed?

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