You want to know a secret?

I could possibly tell you.

That’s beyond your range in most cases to know.

It’s about four words together I could say, and it’s blinding so I can’t.

I think they will after all the trials and tribulations.

the philosophy of philosophy

The “theological-political” is philosophical, that’s the only reason we speak of it that way. The question is who is treating this concept beyond theology, politics, or philosophy.

The state controls all of these. Any conversation beyond the realms of the state, Government, or “Law”, has to avoid being disappeared by the state. “We work together to make sure the state remains stupid.” You noticed that too? Bureaucrats I’m speaking to. There is the level of the theological-political that is not even understood. It goes from there to philosophy then to philosophy of philosophy. Most only serve the theological-political. The essential feature of their identity is that they don’t serve it. Yes…

You are living and “thinking” within this order as an object. You hate to feel stupid so you pretend I’m not operating two or three levels above you. It’s really easy to see. The worst things about today’s culture you decide to agree with. You just sold your soul. Not many are going to make it with the Golden Dawn grades.

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