They thought their enemies only had funny memes, I don’t think so

Maimonides and Judah Halevi indicate that philosopher and Jew, far from being coextensive, are mutually exclusive

This makes me laugh

Desirable though it might be that the high should possess unchallenged rule over the low—there is a tendency in the order of things, especially in human things, toward the inverse, the rule of the low.

“Why do you follow the first statement with the second one, are you implying there’s a connection?”

The one in the political-theological driver’s seat has an Ellis Island immigrant inferiority-complex.

Blondes, brahmins, classical music, timeless tragic drama, gourmet cuisine, formalistic political philosophy, objective scientific-mindedness in general, all the true beauty in the world is hated by them and they want it all to disappear eventually because they perceive themselves as middling. Always have to live in someone else’s country for thousands of years – can you imagine what effect that must have? Their belief in their superiority is subsequent to the feeling of insecurity, the feeling of inferiority. These two go together and the insecurity side is hidden, probably in their own minds. It’s why they put all these darkies everywhere and portray white men as morons. They’re happier if everything is middling like them. Even if some get a nose-job there are other features they can’t as easily fix. It’s reminiscent of the problems with insecurity of orphans. God abandoned them at other nations’ doors. Do you want to understand the zeitgeist beyond mere appearances? It’s a twisted psychological portrait. God abandoned them and they take the insecurity from that out on the ones who took them in. You’re ugly, rat-faced and conniving, that’s fine, we still love you. You’d pawn your foster parents off for a penny, that’s fine, we still love you. Now those orphans have used their puppy-dog eyes to con the gullible christians into exclusive access to the levers in the control room. And what do they do? Strive to make everyone middling like them. They don’t want anyone around who can recognize they’re insecure orphans. The look alone of the Aryan type fills them with teeth-clenching bitterness. Feminists talk about the “male gaze”, how about the Aryan one in Jewish perception? No matter how innocent the glance of those blue eyes upon them, it’s perceived by them as a counter-argument to who they are. The ones who disagreed in religious belief and still took in the ugly orphans, that’s what they see. Thus they want them muddier-looking so they more closely resemble them. All browns understand is the material world, and in that way they’re like Jews. They want everyone on that level. The Aryan is the creature of the air. Or at least the survivors are. A couple generations of letting the ugly orphans have total control and most are already brought down to the material with them. Anyone who’s blonde in spirit they use their shekels and pitiful sobbing to keep out of the public so as not to “corrupt” the fallen whites. All too true. Surround them with soul-stunting media in its various forms to clip their wings so they descend to the dirty ground where they are. Keep anything that would inspire them to the heights out of their education. All because of their disavowed insecurity. This is your ruling-class. Yes, they mostly had to cheat their way there. Nonsense nonsense they’re all nobel prize winners, that’s why they’re there! That’s the story they want us to believe at least. An ugly little demon in a cradle that God abandoned at our door, with an existential wound that will never heal, who grew up to know nothing besides revenge on everyone who God gave first world countries to.

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