In the mood to, if you can forgive the pun, understand mythology non-mythologically. A forgotten German, one of Hölderlin’s pals, Schelling, gave lectures on mythology in the 1840s.

A few years before Schelling gave his lectures other thinkers were beginning to see Christianity itself as a form of mythology. Unlike them though he didn’t regard the myths as illusory or fictitious. At this time mythology was so alien to Christians it was regarded as entertaining stories that weren’t valid enough to be studied as a discipline in the academy. Schelling was controversial in trying to make the case that myths have a reality to them.

See how I’m “going back to the beginning” here? That’s necessary to see things freshly.

This is a good point

the basic materials with which the early poetic imagination worked must already have been mythological in kind prior to any individual’s creative act.

In other words, Homer didn’t invent the Olympic pantheon of gods because they must have existed in a sense in order to poeticize about them at all.

The west is already flushed, I’m not sure why I’m here. Some of them probably prefer to wear a mask when looking at themselves in the mirror. Put some shades on too so you don’t have to look yourself in the eye. The decision for the future to be meaningless. That decision has been made and now we’re on our way to that. The meaninglessness is already creeping in now, for those of us who are weather forecasters. I’m going to get a sub and a soda and forget about this.

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