On the concept of cunning

Aristotle underscores how that indispensable power prudence in its original form, cleverness, is just as ready to serve vice as virtue.

He says humans can be 10,000 times worse than brutes if cleverness isn’t fully formed into prudence.

Alfarabi calls these weeds within the virtuous city

those enamored of falsifying things (sophists)

If you remember this from the Republic, they’re not the only weed that grows. While these other ones may seem to be misfits at first some of them can be potential philosophers who simply challenge the egregore, which you could actually see as a sort of philosopher-king itself.

So you have different levels of prudence developed in these three types. It isn’t clear which ones are merely clever. The sophists believe they’re prudent in falsifying things, the egregore believes it’s prudent in its imposition of a set reality. And the philosophers believe they’re prudent in disagreeing with these other two and offering alternative models of reality. Word to the wise- you’re not going to see the sophists or egregore-ites talking like this. “It’s prudent to keep them in illusion” is a possible response they’d have to that.

Note that for Alfarabi, Muhammad is the philosopher-king of the middle east.

Then one might see Israel as either a sophist or a philosopher, as either merely clever or more prudent than Muhammad.

Back to the US though, we could refine these “types” further- the sophists almost always falsify reality in accordance with the egregore, so they could be called egregore-ites. That means it’s the egregore-ites versus potential philosophers vying for the title of the one who upholds prudence rather than mere cleverness. I have to tell you, I’ve felt surrounded by imprudent falsifiers for years, and all they can do when you expose them is continue to falsify. You are a sophist, you are a liar, and what you do isn’t even clever. All you have is banning people who show you how unclever you are. You’re not going to have a virtuous city when you do that. I hope you’ve learned to own it by now that you are a nigger. Only subhumans are allowed in public debate. Does something not seem right about that to you? Then you’re probably not a egregore-ite sophist yourself. Or are you one of the ones who prefers stupidity surrounding you because you feel so cozy being a falsifier who isn’t disrupted in your merely clever craft? And what happens to society if only the false pretense of prudence is allowed to have a voice? It probably leads to more niggers like you. You want society to be a barrel of monkeys because you are so weak. The egregore is a sophist. Sorry your enemies don’t only have funny memes, I know that’s what you’d prefer. Rather, we thoroughly refute you on a daily basis using the great minds of history, and all you can do is disappear us and pretend we don’t exist. That’s a further mark of your imprudence. You sham.

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