Laugh at me if you want, I still think Saddam Hussein was more perceptive than most people alive today. Looking at the three monotheisms from the perspective of Abraham. I never see anyone in the west who does that.

If you think of Alfarabi, initially your first thought might be that he’s a “secular Muslim”. I don’t think that’s quite right.

Similarly, if you think of Plato, you might see him as a pure secularist. That’s not accurate either.

Plato and Alfarabi witnessed the presence of a “God” more immense than any of us can understand.

Calling it “Allah” is only customary to prevent being killed.

These two are just two mere limited human beings, and Saddam seems similar to them.

All of them had to deal with the God that is above any of the human traditions.

“Yes, I did express myself in that way, my child, are you sure that was Me as I truly am?”

Humans are ants next to 5000 IQ extraterrestrials who have already learned these lessons. They can mostly only build their hills of lies to avoid thinking about that. Their political order which they are existentially connected to is itself a lesser god. You believe in Gucci or whatever. At least the rabble gives you attention, you have that, right?

Saddam was the right one, and they didn’t give him the right of candid conversation. “Abraham” is a symbol of this. The truth is it goes beyond Abraham as well. Abraham, Homer, Egypt, Mesopotamia. What is the ideal reality? Ask god that in your prayers. Or strive to know a divinity beyond the present political order.

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