Seeing a few obscure names in the bibliography of that Parens book on medieval political philosophy- Abravanel, Gersonides, Ibn Bājja.

I lament that certain Grades have to go into cope-mode, I guess that’s life. There’s a reason they kept the esoteric away from the people.

One of the features of the egregore is “redemption of the coon” and most of the copers’ rationalizations revolve around that. The coon is the symbol of the lowest of the low, and if they’re a middling person themself they find sustenance in that symbol. Even someone who was Esther’d, say, tends to partake of the redeemed coon sacrament. Women can’t help that they were told their whole life they’d be a corporate girlboss, that’s just their programming, and when they bump into evidence that the onset of feminism didn’t truly change their nature they also reach for the redemption of the coon sacrament to alleviate themselves of feelings of inferiority. What a curse that would be. Everyone knows I’m a friend of the Jews. Thing is, if I had Jewish children it would very likely be a curse, especially if that drove me to partake of the redeemed coon sacrament. “How embarrassing.” Haha. Similar to the feminists, whites grew up being told to see Jews as the anointed ones, so after learning about the Pale and the 109 they probably have doubts about the viability of their little merchants. That’s just beneath human dignity to reach for the coon redemption copium pipe hit. Something I want other Grades to understand is that nothing, and I mean nothing, you say is going to stop them from needing to find a relief in the redeemed coon sacrament. Proles are like this too. It’s an alchemical process they enact. The symbol of the lowest of the low is redeemed to be the highest of the high, what we in the reactosphere sometimes call “the numinous negro”. They think that even if a coon can be redeemed then so can they. I got news for you, none of you are redeemed, you’re all a bunch of niggers. Nothing is going to save you. You’re permanent slaves. The fact that all they can do is reach for the coon redemption is the final proof of their slavishness. Maybe their condition wouldn’t be permanent if they could avoid that. I just doubt they can. Irish and Italian, this is something that’s sad to see among them. You feel like a redeemed coon? Sorry, I just feel embarrassed for you. Even trad thots can’t deal with this shit, excuse my french. You might notice I have a theme in my writing of wanting the perfect friend or more. Where to look for that? Women in general tend to be particularly susceptible to not being able to reach certain Grades. Rule out Irish, Italians, and Jews. They have a gimp. It’s a burden they have to carry. I try to give them advice on how to stop. So what’s that leave us? Northern Europeans. Then those ones often have their own mental illness. Note with them though that they don’t have the same relation to the coon redemption sacrament, it’s rather that they’re the ones doling it out, not partaking of it themselves. I don’t want to be around these coon cultists. Even the ketmanists of the right are like this. Yes, being a Jew’s slave makes you a nigger. And that leads them to identifying with coons and thus needing redemption and ascension. When are people going to invite me to give a talk at their kids’ elementary school? When you reverse the chain of being in the redemption process you enshrine being a coon, thus your children are bound to be more coon-like than someone like you who grew up in a less PC time. Those are the ~demands of society~. Since we’re ~all one~. Nah, you could just treat African-Americans like rational adults and demand they act more like civilized white people. Instead we have the bleeding hearts fanning them with a fern while they rob a convenience store.

Notice how I began this post mentioning a few thinkers? This above is the kind of “preamble” to talk about esotericism which doesn’t involve race at all. The very idea of esotericism implies there are subhumans who won’t get it. If you think back to what I said yesterday about there being a “God” above Zeus, the Good, and Allah, this also translates to the human realm. That Parens, or that Fortin, for instance, will talk about the theological-political problem in theological-political books! That’s a form of “the god we can know”. Off the reservation you’re dealing with another type of divinity that’s not allowed in public whatsoever. Even in polite language go ahead and try to talk about what I call the coon redemption sacrament. They aren’t supposed to know about it, they’re only supposed to do it, that’s how religion works. If you think about it too much you’ll morph into an atheist, and they know not to think about it too much, in fact the way they stop thinking about it too much is through partaking of the coon redemption sacrament. There are levels and levels of awareness of what they’re doing, why, and how, and none are allowed in public. You could say that “philosophy” is the ultimate atheism in the context of the theological-political. No, I don’t need that sacrament, and I think that people who do are pathetic. Especially if they’re white males. You really identify as a coon? If you want to be autistic about it we could isolate them further into types- I speculate there is a hybrid of needing the sacrament and doling out the sacrament. Maybe this aligns perfectly with race? A half kraut, half potato perhaps? Part of my blood is from the area of Italy many wouldn’t even consider “Europe” technically and you don’t see me coping. There’s a level of spirit that plays into this as well. You think of Cicero’s ideal of a genuinely cultured individual, and some people are blinded by that. That’s the kind of sacrament I partake of. I’m not going to be a totally pathetic person and need to revaluate the lowest, most depraved nigger race and see it as surrounded by a soft heavenly glow, and in a halo. That sounds like a mental illness if you need to do that. Yee a paddy are yee?

I don’t even need to go into detail about the names I first mentioned, why do that when I can talk about “esotericism” as it directly applies to today? Quick make sure to have your daily diet of symbolic wafer.

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