Gonna hit you with the nostalgia

Childmind, take me back to those days.

Anyway I found a couple more pokemon right from the get-go this morning- Philo and Bacon studies. Some say axiology is first philosophy. You can only talk about axiology within a political order though. This is arguably the clearest “master” perception one can attain. And fortunately for us, we have so many thinkers we can look at through that lens.

As I said, I’m trying to simulate a university. One that’s probably better than “Harvard”, not like that’s difficult. Every canonical figure, marginal or not, I want to have a professor ready to tell us about.

Of necessity, these will be books that were written within a theological-political order. The difference is, they will be speaking about that very subject. So this pertains to understanding the limits of knowledge. Once you know the limits, your imagination can carry you beyond them.

If you’re reading this and you’re a POC you’re likely one of the most privileged individuals of your people’s entire history. White folks keep you from knowing about all this (they even keep each other from knowing about it). It’s sort of like a Jewess hearing about the sapphires for the first time. This way of understanding has always been at the periphery of society. It’s even at the periphery of the academy. It’s an aristocracy within an aristocracy. With the internet we can take that even further. Partaking of the coon redemption sacrament isn’t going to lead to your development, that’s like popping a xanax. While I expect mostly Northern Europeans to attain to certain Grades, I also think some exceptions are possible. If you’re a Jew who finds Schindler’s List “moving” I doubt you’re going to be able to understand “the mysteries”. Let’s not even mention Roots and Kunta Kinte. If that’s you then you’re in a certain karmic phase of ignorance.

The problem of philosophy and poetry is the problem of understanding, as well as presenting, the human condition.

Almost every person you’re going to see is going to be a poet of some sort, because they have to survive in the jid-anglo order. Even bothering to call it “anglo” at all is a mark of poetry, though there is some truth to that. We’re talking about the main races that shape the modern life-world.

This is an interesting twist from that Bacon study

Plato, who first made clear this quarrel, thought and spoke much less of pictorial representation than of poetry. However, Rembrandt did one of the things watched over by the Muses.

The politics of paintings??

He says it’s a conflict between reason and imagination. Progs are defined by imagining. The “poetry” of Lennon is only the most obvious example. Being woke means living in MLK’s dream.

This study is on the beginning of modernity after Machiavelli, specifically on the contemporaries Bacon, Shakespeare, and Rembrandt- what a nice gem to find.

though antiquity was not forgotten, it was, in some sense, overpassed. The world was “to begin.” Bacon saw himself as founding a new science.

Something like this has happened in our own time with Einstein and relativity. In the realm of the arts it seems Hollywood and video games, approximately, have supplanted Shakespeare and Rembrandt, respectively. If you recall my point the other day about a wisdom religion, how we can’t settle for Iamblichus, because he only drew on the ancients, and the moderns who went beyond the ancients aren’t even enough, this is about where we are today, with the cultural figures, beliefs, and objects I mention. It was just a coincidence I began this post with a pokemon screenshot.

A clue as to what I meant when I said our Order isn’t Jewish plain and simple

Was Bacon more Machiavellian than the Florentine? In this respect he certainly was: he recognized no distinction between the founder of a tyranny and the founder of a legitimate monarchy

Our culture’s scientistic attitude is arguably Anglo. What’s more important, at least in my mind, is what that science is used for in our day. I.e. what the dimensions of the political context are that science takes place in. Suffice it to say there’s nothing even close to “antisemitism” for anti-Anglo sentiments. Antisemitism is another way of saying Anti Guardians of Transcendental Norms. Jews are European just as much as they are “Ost”. They experienced modernity WITH us. They’ve appropriated Anglo, French, etc. characteristics. That doesn’t mean they’re not Jews at their core. And if you want to do an ol’ zoom-out, notice that I myself am Anglo in being scientistic about this very subject. It’s not a matter of escaping modernity, it’s about pushing its internal logics to their ultimate limits. Another example- the other day I learned that Mill’s Utilitarianism is one of the most popularly taught philosophy books in the university. That attitude toward life is also inherent to our political order- it’s just that the Guardians exploit it. There’s no utility to pure utilitarianism, that’s how I self-implode the logic of that. Seriously, if someone wanted to, they could probably be just as racist to Anglos as I’ve been to Jews. Lots to critique there. I don’t feel at home in this Order. It’s a certain mercantile spirit they both share to varying degrees also. I don’t know how many times I have to tell you people, whenever you are an anti-racist you are being an exoteric Jew. Jews historically have been the most racist people of Europe, that’s what is known as the esoteric Jew. Your anti-racism serves the ends of these latter ones. Confusing? It seems clear to me. This is what the top of the brain looks like if you are able to take a gander without being zapped back down to status quo perception (poetry). Kabbalistically, it’s Keter in the human realm. Everything descends from it. The ones that are lower than it are mere images, in other words they possess nonbeing. Think of it as a mirage. If you profess your belief that it’s a substantial reality then you get brownie-points, and if you’re lucky you’ll get a nonbeing blowup doll who totally isn’t a mirage herself. Be mad, I’m the only person who tries to show women how to not be that. Historically, freemasons kept their wives out of the club, no shit they did. Truth causes harm, harm causes further descent into illusion. I wish I had an eye-scanner that could detect one’s Grade, blocking certain types from reading my posts. You are hellspawn, get out of here. Real feminism has never been tried, and it can’t ever be tried, for said reasons.

The bros might like to see this, this is news to me

“De-peripheralizing” geniuses is a way to boost individual and national IQ. Read a thousand social media poasts or read a book by a dead genius, I wonder which one will bring you closer to wisdom, I think we all know.

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