This is the same writer’s earlier study on Bacon – I emphasize again that Kennington “knows things”

When I look for this type of material I usually have in mind the list of Strauss’s courses that he gave, and if you click that you won’t see Bacon anywhere. I’ve linked you to quite a few studies on thinkers that aren’t on that list, Adam Smith, Ibn Khaldūn, Dante, etc. “Oh we have a crafty goy here.” Yes. As if I’m going to leave interpretation of these thinkers up to you Talmudists.

You’ll hate to hear it as much as I hate to think it, that the contemporary manifestation of Bacon’s thought of our time is Dr. Fauci. “Science” doesn’t have to be that way…

It was Bacon who formulated the idea that scientific discovery shouldn’t be an end in itself, that rather it should have the aim of “relieving man’s estate”, i.e. making people’s lives better. Yeah, someone actually had to say that because at one time that wasn’t so obvious.

It seems the Russians aren’t as Baconian as we are- worship of technological progress is more first-nature to us. I’m Baconian in my advocacy for posthumanism.

Try to think of Bacon and science of today in the context of how those medieval thinkers thought of political science as the science that orders all the other sciences. We like to believe we live in a culture that can control nature, that everything is empirically understood- that’s one of our most fundamental presuppositions, that “the west is scientific”. The reality is that all science takes place in the context of a political science that no one is allowed to speak of, a political science that is far from “empirical”, and one that at least this philosophical weed you’re reading now doubts is even scientific at all. It’s one with the political science to lawnmow over any “weed” who talks about the political science. “Rightists are empirically bad!!” Yeah and the scientists who give you that impression have the same credibility as Fauci. You’re wearing white, okay, are you the pope? Socrates is the pope in reality. You can enjoy your mirages as you crawl across your miserable desert though.

Bacon was a Machiavellian in the sense I spoke of the other day- he broke with the ancients’ over-contemplativeness and believed humanity should take fate into their own hands

We moderns are intrinsically Promethean. This is one of the ways Muslims see us as evil. And yet, I hope I’ve demonstrated that there’s a limit to our Prometheanism. Our political science is not allowed to be improved. This is another way of phrasing the suffocation of half of Europe idea- many of us are natural Baconians and want science to relieve man’s estate, believing that our current political science is not optimally effective for that.

Ahh this is MY idea of diversity. How diverse are Bacon, Maimonides, Dante, Laruelle, Horace, Vico, Franzos, Austen, etc. etc.? Some of the most intricate people who have ever lived. And despite all their differences you can find similarities too.

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