Okay, this is too tempting to not take a glance at

As I am not an art historian, I shall have to show that one may find the human soul as a painter saw it by relating art history to the history of political philosophy.

I’ll admit to you I’m out of my element on the subject of paintings so I’m going in blind with this.

This writer says that idea of humanity taking fate into its own hands was present in the art world of early modernity also

There is the same soaring hope in Rembrandt.

Rembrandt drew himself 90 times, maybe there’s something symptomatic about that. A better understanding of the self. A hubris? It IS “arrogance” one often finds the pre-modern theist Muslims accusing the west of.

Heh think of this with the typical understanding of “Machiavellianism” in mind

I think here of how bonobos can recognize themselves in a mirror while for instance macaques cannot. Modernity was an evolution of consciousness for Europe. We arguably still have room to evolve in understanding ourselves. The Grades I speak of are just that.

Anyway, this is a crossover I hadn’t considered, painting and ______.

Rembrandt actually painted a portrait of his contemporary Descartes, and the latter said that painters are limited in the sense that they bring to light certain principals and shade others. Perhaps Descartes sought to “paint” a more detailed self using reason. He says what he does about painting in the same paragraph he mentions a treaty which the fate of their contemporary Galileo prevents him from publishing.

I’d love to visit an art gallery with this guy!

Hence perhaps what a painter could not do, Descartes would do if he could. However, a friend suggests the possibility that chiaroscuro is a form of concealment or ombrageant

Painting might be a new world for me to discover…

So these painters and philosophers at this time were developing the idea of the self- the following is extremely controversial

The ‘self’ is obviously a descendant of the soul; that is, it is not the soul.

If non-europeans have souls, it’s not clear they have selves. If proles have souls, it’s not clear they have selves. ETC.

This is exciting, this possibility

I think that one might study certain painters, including Rembrandt, just as scholars have sought the philosophy of Goethe

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