You’re not going to like what I have to say. “What else is new?” Alright then, I’ll change it up, or at least try to for a second. It’s as if I’m hiking and approach a cliff of granite and look up at it. It’s majestic in its own right, I simply wish it were diamond. I speak with candor to tell them they’re dumb as a stone and they never think to stop being that because they are so secure as granite. Yes, you’re granite, I can admire that. If you want to be more than that then there are certain things you have to realize. And if you realize what I say then the granite wall will decide to cleave you off into rubble. That’s another art there might be esotericism in, sculpture. What is hidden there? Just because you’re marble doesn’t mean you can’t shape that form in accordance with your time in order to exist beyond your time. What could some “chiseling” do?

It’s mostly feds I speak to here. You’re just a state-operative, great. And you’ll be a jungle-merchant in the next life? So you must already be one in this life.

You want to know what I think of humanity? That all of humanity gangs up when you try to dispose of their unreflective ideals. We’re living in that now. Make sure people who cause you to look like utter retards aren’t allowed in public. What are your “thoughts” on that, retard? “I have dignity because I’m smart!” No.. you’re just an imbecile. Pretty soon you won’t have to worry about people calling you stupid because only niggers will exist in the world, isn’t that what you want? “We hate to be judged so we decided intellect is a bad thing to have in politics” – so… you’re a Jew? This is the path we’re on, and no Athena exists, because she’s the slave too. We need to be stupid in the future is the general idea. And all the Irish of course are happy about that. Ellis Island immigrant stupidity is the expected norm of everyone. If Jews started to be murdered “accidentally” that is the only way to change things. The merchant dirtbag who deals in lies has control of the narrative because you are too afraid to put a gun to their head. I just say kill all jews at this point. They want you to turn into less than humans and they hide the fact that it’s them controlling the political process. More dead Jews the better. I always want to make a movie about planting a bomb in a place many Jews gather, not just the religious kind. How would you feel if a hundred merchants were to be bombed and murdered? I’m sure you’d hate that since you aren’t a nazi. The idea of creating a bomb, that is something one finds in fiction. That is enjoyable fiction. The idea of Jews being murdered in fiction is highly entertaining to me. They want you to be an orangutan and you likely already are that. Who deserves murder more than anyone on earth? You’re a subhuman and you can’t say anything against it. Is there any hope there? I like to read, I emphasize, fictional novels, where Jewish people are murdered. Is that against the law to say that if lots of Jews were murdered I would feel very happy? We’re only talking of portraying them in fiction. Your daughter should have a basketball nigger, aren’t you happy? Looks like you have a lot to live for in the Jewish Order. I wonder who the real nigger is if that’s expected of people who allow Jews to live in their countries? I’d be so sad if many Jews were murdered. So sad. Just indiscriminately shooting them in the head if they’re found. Being an orangutan is preferable to me, because I love the Jews so much! I’d hate if I saw stacks of their corpses. The orangutan reading this- “We need to kill nazis who hate orangutans.”

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