Thinking about the Latinos today. The Latinas. (No, not in that way.) Everyone has a choice. They have a forking path in front of them. Deciding to be a “darkie” is the easy option.

Did you know this about Mexico?

They tend to over-promote black culture for reasons of reparations (shhh). And Latinos aren’t really present. Our overlords don’t go out of their way to make them visible. Thus, in the US there is a tendency for them to only be able to relate to ghetto culture.

Here’s another one to look at it more broadly

There’s a good chance the ones who appropriate “jungle bunny” culture, wait wait is that an insensitive expression? There’s a good chance, if you’re a Latino, that you’re part European. You have a choice to be one culture or the other. I mean, even blacks do. It just seems more natural for Latinos given their blood. I bet they like to deny it, for whatever twisted reason. To “own” their savage background in a sense they have excessive pride about their indian genetics and downplay their Euro side.

You’re MEDS

D’jew know this about Cuba?

I think they still have hard feelings about this

Everyone knows this meme

If you want to talk about something dark, I doubt that South America was “raped”. Sorry, did I say that?

Let’s just not even think too much about that though, huh?

I wonder if “this” kind of book is on z-library somewhere

Latinos could easily identify with their conquistador side, and they don’t. Something weird going on there. I could attempt a psychological portrait if you wanted. “You don’t know me, holmes.” I know Jorge Luis Borges, why don’t you be like him, the Latino-in-itself in my opinion. You ever look at some “Latinos”? They look like they’re Spaniards.

They don’t like to admit it. I’ll civilize YOU. Meds who dress up as Native Americans? What are you doing? Those like 4’11” Aztec-lookin ones, dark brown, there are still lots of those. The ones who look Spanish, i.e. from the country Spain, are the ones I’m talking about. You never read Cervantes? You don’t know your own culture, which is in your blood. Seriously, they LARP as Mayans or something. Why choose that side? Oh right, because it’s politically incorrect to be proud to be a European. See how upside-down and unhealthy the standards are in the west? We’re still paying the price for the “rape” of South America, among other things.


What, this?

Or this?


Let’s turn the US into Brazil, because of the denial of all this, sounds like a good idea

“I’m an indian!” No, you have an identity issue that no professional is going address directly because it’s perceived as insensitive.

Go read some Lorca, embrace who you are, stop having a mental illness.

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