A Golden Age you don’t hear much about

study explaining the aspects of the Florentine’s thought which most irritated Spanish Renaissance thinkers

They didn’t like Mach? What’s not to like? The canon has an English bias, and there are some Spanish playwrights from this time (1580-1680) that might be worth getting to know.

The most infamous conquistador, Cortés, died the same year Cervantes was born (1547).

The reason they didn’t like Mach was because medieval tradition was alive and kicking in Spain. Do you like modernity? If not then you can probably sympathize. People talk about “tradcaths”- these are literal ones.

Remember this idea of hegemon-subhegemon?

Wow, mysteriously, after Spain expelled a certain people in the late 1400s, probably just a coincidence.

Anyway, a Spaniard by the name of Pedro Calderón de la Barca is regarded as the greatest dramatist from this time. A contemporary of Molière, he also was a satirical fellow. And they say his masterpiece is Life is a Dream. You ever hear about this guy? Perhaps the highest cultural achievement of Spain (besides the obvious Don Quixote).

What interests me

Spanish theater anticipated the decisive changes in human consciousness

If you ask me, Latinos deserve a birthright trip to Spain to watch one of these plays first hand.

The perfect study

What was that shift about? What did we lose? Anything, or was it a pure evolution of consciousness?

I get a similar sense now to when I was studying Lucian and said that his time, the 2nd century, seems a preferable one to live in than our own. Our culture has gone back to a level of primitive that Cortés found in Old Mexico. They believe a price has to be paid, and it is being paid, and that is the form it is being paid in. Don’t let the surface-peacefulness and shiny technology fool you about the vulgarization taking place on the cultural level.

They can’t take us all the way back to the stone age because we’re modern people. The best they can do is synthesize us with the stone age, which results in something like a return to medieval times. I’m living in the year 2200 myself, you can go back a thousand years if you want. I steep in the high points of all times and places, while people today are expected to steep in the low points of our own time.

Do you want to join me in learning about this Pedro Calderón de la Barca, little savage girl?

White women only consume garbage these days, don’t follow them OR blacks.

Be careful, you don’t want to wake up one day wearing a symbolic swastika armband. That would be worse than a tattoo if it was imprinted on your soul, you don’t want that.

It IS possible for you to ascend while white culture descends. That, however, would entail renouncing the PC belief-system. If you don’t do that you’re going to go down with them. It’s possible to leap out of the fate that they want for you. I’ll be direct with you- if you think about the state Cortés found some of your ancestors in… they don’t expect you to improve very much from that. Sure, you have running water now. So what, you had a river back then. It’s a matter of what plane your consciousness is on, and they only facilitate the ascension to a mediocre one. It’s possible to hack the system and jump to a higher level of culture that is contrary to their plans. This goes for anyone who I usually refer to as a bioleninist. It’s a matter of being racist to both blacks and whites. (And of course the race we won’t name here.) If you can’t do that then you’re going to remain not very far from the consciousness of the ones Cortés found.

I make this post mostly to formalize the fact of the existence of the Spanish Golden Age. Learning from the high-points of different times and places entails betraying the people of this time and place. We’re trying to create a collection, think of it like netflix if you want.

You can “flip” between different times and places. You just need to know what those are, particularly what the best ones are. And who to read from then and there. And who to read ABOUT who to read. I mentioned Molière already in this post. While I haven’t found a good study in English on him yet, he’s perfectly fine on his own. Different countries had “renaissances” that will advance you culturally beyond what the mainstream offers you today. All you have to do is turn your back on these people who want to keep you mediocre for the sake of supposedly saving the most wretched ones. No, this is how you save yourself, and how those wretched ones could be saved too. Being sickeningly nice certainly isn’t going to help them. It will probably be difficult to accept that you’d be better off with the mindset of Hernán Cortés than Ocasio-Cortez. Latinas like her are in an unfortunate karmic realm of hell as are many of the ethnic whites like the Irish and Italians. “Cortés” found them in a pre-civilizational condition and they can’t truly accept it and have developed defense-mechanisms which only keep them where they are. Even worse, they do the coon redemption sacrament thing I mentioned which in fact ritualistically reinforces their regression to a condition that is even more primitive to when “Cortés” found them. How to escape that karmic cycle? I for one am enjoying learning about the Spanish Golden Age at the moment.

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