This says a lot

Surprise! You’re living in a somewhat Islamic order. Surprise!

They want us to think that Judaism and Christianity are so similar, while Islam is the outlier, the evil one of the monotheisms, when it might be accurate to see Judaism and Islam as more similar to each other than either is to Christianity. The fact that it’s so subtle to the point that it’s near-invisible is part of what it is. Muslims don’t think to question Allah, and don’t even think to think to think to question Allah. I’m a pretty freespirited person myself and I can tell you that without the internet I’d have a very Muslim-like relation to our version of Islam. The subtlety of its control of minds is intrinsic to its nature, to such a degree it’s one of its most fundamentally defining features. All it takes is a blink and it’s forgotten and lived within without being aware of. That’s why I say people have chosen the slavery fate- because that’s what they want. They want it to continue to be so subtle it’s invisible. Not today, Finkelstein. Why don’t you just get it over with and start wearing a turban? Sorry I’m not going to live in your dune world, your brain is fried to sand. You just had to bring your merchandise to Europe, didn’t you?

Here it is again, it’s too real. It’s a wisdom-hating tradition and we’re living in it

“Jewish philosophy.” Strauss doubts that the concept is meaningful, because, as he says repeatedly, medieval thinkers themselves, such as Maimonides and Judah Halevi, presupposed the difference between the Jew and the philosopher.

I’m not allowing you to turn my brain to sand too.

Warring with evil wizards for years, it does a number on you.

They want everyone’s eyes to glaze over as they accept the mirage.

The reality is right on the surface of things. “We” over the recent decades have been helping them install their home in the MIDDLE EAST. That says it all. I don’t want people from there telling me what to do. You are a fucking dune coon.

The truth is revealed!

A bunch of conniving gypsy exiles from out of the desert were causing problems in Europe over and over again, what did you expect to happen to them eventually?

Humanity peaked with the Germans and due to might is right we now are under the spell of a primitive desert faith that hates people who think.

This can be said about Saudi Arabia, it can be said about the United States

they are put to death by those worse than they.

Brainless mediocrities who only want to be surrounded by retards with heads full of sand.

The west may never have a renaissance like there was in Germany again.

The idea from my previous post about “citizens” vs. human beings? The uniqueness of Christianity was that it synthesized revelation and reason. Islam, like Judaism, never did that. There’s no freedom like that in those two faiths. Christians allowed for human beings who were free, that’s why they’re a people known for countries where science emerged. “Free Jews” were only ever born in Christian countries. Now, with the excessive victim narrative of theirs, Christians are born into Jewish countries. You will only get unthinking “citizen” cogs in those conditions. That’s what happens when you have a dune coon belief-system.

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