Attempting my second glimpse at Serres, the anomalous Frenchmen they say is too untimely to be understood

It’s a natural movement from my previous post to this one. The French I see as a people that still possesses some freedom. Is it still a subordinate kind? Yes. Relatively speaking? No. People hate to hear it that the Russians also seem to possess a unique freedom, one distinct from the French kind. Both are less fettered than Americans.

This itself might as well be a “third kind of instruction”- the synthesis with these two freedoms.

Serres talks poetically of activating both the left and right hemispheres of the brain

in the middle of the crossing, even the ground is missing; any sense of belonging, of support is gone. Thus the body flies and forgets solidity

He’s a thinker of how genres and disciplines intersect.

While I hate to be “that guy”, if UFOs did arrive here, if you’re not able to split off from your pet discipline I doubt you will be an optimal person to try to talk with them. Most Americans have an irresolvable problem with talking to Russians! I think these ones are going to be a bit more different than them. 19th century Germans are the closest thing I know of to “a species more intelligent than existing humanity” and it took me a lot of pain and fear to understand them, honestly. I’m certain I still don’t understand them in fact. At least I don’t have the unreflective reaction anymore of seeing them as “evil”. You going to lawnmow E.T.s too? I bet they’re thrilled at the thought of talking to someone like you. “This planet is not ready.” Yes Mr. E.T. I agree with you.

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