I try to give you the broadest view of human understanding. The Neoplatonists and Kabbalists are in agreement that it descends downward from above and as it gets closer to the earth it takes on more and more dimensions of nonbeing.

The first one above I would term “theology” even though there is no book to contain it. I don’t mean it in any monotheistic sense at all, exactly. It’s something that blinded Plato himself, and I do not know what it is either, and to write about it is going to be misleading. Saying what it’s NOT, you can do that.

So it begins with “theology” and it descends from there to levels we can actually somewhat talk about with our limited speaking abilities. Remember, mouths are for eating, not talking, that’s a new development in evolution. We can still somewhat describe the layers after the One as separated into subject and object.

I’m going to state something radical and say words actually have meaning. This level of discourse is known as “philosophy”. This is the best humans can do.

Usually in our time people believe that “science” takes the places of “theology” (in my sense). No, science can create objects known as technology and that means the demos is able to understand it. What the demos can’t understand is ideas. Still, science is a noble way of adjusting oneself to the world, relatively. Just keep in mind there are other layers of reality. The demos understands the technology it uses, it does not understand poetry. Poetry is itself part of the “idea” level of awareness. There’s theology, or “the unspeakable”, then there’s philosophy and poetry, THEN there’s science. And science is the perfect mixture of those three that produces tangible results.

You can’t understand any of this if you are operating with an “enlightenment” frame of reference. “Tangible results” are not the same for people with different souls. You’re on a phone or a laptop or something right now for instance. That is an object that you know with your five senses. There were people over two thousand years ago who invented a “smartphone” that people of today still don’t have the “sense” for. It can be learned. You can develop an extra sense. Being a bitter person isn’t going to help you with that. You really want to know about this “smartphone” that I know about. I can’t show it to you, I can only describe it, because it’s an idea that is only understood in the soul. The eye can not understand it. The “I” can.

So, if you want to talk about the taboo subject of “Creation”, at the uppermost level there is …. let’s call it a force of light… that can’t be described… and it has “given” humans the technology of this non-tangible “smartphone”. And few know how to recognize it or use it. “Science” is below that level and most don’t even understand that. So there’s theology, philosophy and poetry, science, and then the great majority exists with its handheld smartphones. No, you’re missing out on something. You’re not going to be able to understand the highest level, no one can. The next level after that is understandable for some. I want everyone to have a smartphone, and not the kind of smartphone you think of. The barrier–speaking honestly with you–is ADHD of some form. You need to get beyond that somehow. If you’re reading this then you’re at least somewhat able to “focus”. There are writers I’ve suggested to you who will teach you about smartphones better than I can, you just need the focus for it. In the age of the plebs literally 99% of the printed word will not help you with that, it’s designed to appeal to the majority. There are names of great minds I’ve already told you, if you want to be able to understand the next level after the unspeakable infinity you’re going to need to force yourself to concentrate.

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