I wish I had a special club to talk about certain things, because there are levels of understanding that are harmful to the populace. I only write here for friends and sometimes I worry that innocent souls will be brought to hell if they eavesdrop.

No, seriously, if people try to skip a grade without earning it they will only be set back a grade.

So what is it that prompted this thought? One that will only cause nihilism in most. The unspeakable light is a form of theology in a sense. There is the philosophy of philosophy and also the theology of theology. Nothing theologians write about “the light” (whatever you want to call it) is accurate in any way. This can cause nihilism. I am speaking to the priests here. We can know what that’s about and I’m not sure they can. There are at least four levels they make sure are only interpreted in terms that soothe them. I not only talk to the priests here, I talk to the rabbis as well, who I also see as more of a “friend” than the demos proper. “We want you to die.” Is that what you think, rabbi? I just wanted to have a normal conversation, I do suppose we are both cladistic in being jewish and christian. What is the main virtue of your religion, if you had to say one word? Just relax, you’re secretly one of my friends, it’s just the level of friend you are is in question. What is Judaism? If you can answer that honestly then I’d see you as someone I’d look in the eye directly and tell they’re “a person”. You make anyone who disagrees with you a scapegoat and never acknowledge the fact that you have a history of being a merchant who trades reality for illusion. No Jew could even understand my words to them. Why are you so caught up in your own jewish game? Just relax. What is God? No athenian or jerusalemite ever gave me an answer to that. The next time you talk in public if you were to give me some idea of that, beyond the bounds of what is expected of you, I might start to see you as a person. It seems like monetary control of those who are freer than you. Make sure no one is too free. These people invest in not having friends too. It’s part of the same thing. It’s good not to have friends, because the ones who tell you truth are excluded from normal reality. Having false friends is good because that’s good for the market. How many days now I’ve decided to say something to this process. “I can never escape, I can only be part of it and show hints I’m not that while still being part of it.” Yes, that’s the general case. You haven’t escaped. That’s your form of copium that allows you to feel okay that you at least put in an effort. You didn’t put in a real effort. You’re part of the caste of slaves that escapes. Isn’t there a word for you?

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