Thinking about how Heidegger’s mustache hides how German he looks. Germans all look the same. And it’s so easy to spot a Northern Italian in a crowd because they all look the same too. Northern and Southern Italians are a different species. Italy should be split into two countries. I don’t get why there’s such resistance to distinct peoples having their own sovereignty.

Then I extrapolate from there and think certain castes within races should have their own sovereignty. I.e. beyond race, brahmins should have their own island in my opinion. GIB. ME. DAT! A sizable island too. Australia, say. It’s what they deserve.

I suspect brahmins all “look” the same too, it’s just more difficult to tell because they can only be detected in their silences. They have to not irritate the herd of their respective race too much so they keep quiet. If we all had our own island we wouldn’t have to do that. Collectively stab the herds of all races in the back, how does that sound? Leave them to fend for themselves. The literal “brahmins” of India do just that when they migrate in droves.

If you were to be really strict I bet “Brahmin Island” would fracture into two states eventually also. I don’t know if Chinese brahmins are on the same plane as Dutch brahmins for instance. “P. U., who let the negro in?” That’s mean. I’ll be happy with a Brahmin Island for now.

Take your pick, anon

Nope, you get none of em! Instead, you get the pleasure of suffering the herd, put a smile on your face now.

Ugh what a fantasy… intensive Golden Dawn tests to be invited. And only the classiest ladies allowed.

Anyway, I like to see this kind of thing published in 2021 – it means someone was actually doing something worthwhile during COVID

Synthesizing the mystical implications of Socrates and “J” is Übermensch activity. There are not many like Pico in history. They speculate that the Borgia Pope had him murdered. They had a different idea of the “theological-political” in those days. Still, it involved the conflict between faith and reason as in our own day.

I think of this in a Marxist way. All the sweat and toil of millennia have led to the synthesis of the highest forms of mysticism. I type “neoplatonism kabbalah” into z-library and find no results unfortunately. My next thought is “Pico”.

“What about Hindu mysticism?” I DO see a book on that kind of synthesis. For another time.

I also think about Pico in the context of Beyond Good and Evil 188. Not only sweat and farming were necessary for such a figure to emerge- also theology was necessary. And I think of theology here as a restriction of consciousness. You have to believe with all your heart in inaccurate dogmas for generations in order for philosophical mystics to eventually emerge. Cathedralism can be seen as a restriction on consciousness also. I perceive it as a sort of muzzle. There are less cynical ways to look at it though. The belief in illusion keeps you grounded so you don’t fly away into atrocities. Obviously you know that they’re not atrocities to me. Looking at it from behind a muzzle that is how it seems.

I feel like one of these refugees

Old texts ‘return’ to the Latin world during the collapse of the Byzantine Empire. Refugees, particularly from the Eastern Empire, bring access to Greek, Hebrew, and Arabic language.

Strauss and Bloom can be seen as a couple of the most important “refugees”. Moldbug probably deserves a mention here too. Leave it to the Jews, “people of the book” par excellence.

If you think of my post from yesterday about Kether, only if one meshes together neo/platonism and kabbalah can one hope to get a glimpse of the nature of the ineffable Light from which everything else descends. And to bring Cicero into this, that’s what a statesman would ideally be schooled in (among other things). Dalai Lama “tyrant” when?

Thinking about the vultures again…

Good luck avoiding those if you take up this sort of project seriously.

The political order and its minions don’t want the type of person who would be capable of carrying that out to exist. Qliphoth vultures ever circling.

The Ein Sof that is above all of the sephiroth is arguably not permanently indescribable. We might have to genetically alter humans so that they can perceive it more clearly and articulate about it rationally. The animists of the jungle thought they knew the divine too. Then we have the Abrahamic Monotheisms which are an evolution. We still are able to evolve further in our understanding of God. That’s the main point of posthumanism in my opinion, to be able to articulate about the Light and not be blinded by it. People in the distant future might see both Platonism and the Kabbalah as one mere sephira. When people talk about building cities on the Moon they probably don’t have this in mind. This is the true purpose of that. Will there be lunar vultures too?

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